Alpinestars Fall 2010 Touring Collection

August 11, 2010
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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The Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Jacket retails for  699.95
The Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Jacket retails for $699.95

Premium apparel and motorcycle safety gear maker, Alpinestars has unveiled new motorcycling kit for the fall 2010 season. The collection encompasses both street and off-road riding segments with some pieces crossing over between genres. These products are designed to not only enhance safety and comfort, but to add an element of fashion whenever you strap on your helmet. Due to the sheer number of new products released we’ve divided this article up based on motorcycling category.


Alpinestars Tech Touring is the classification of its motorcycle touring products. This line of gear is dedicated to touring and adventure motorcyclists who demand versatile and rugged riding apparel for the various climates and riding scenarios they might experience during the course of their journey.
Fresh for this season is the all-weather Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Jacket and Pant. At retail price of $699.95 for the jacket and $499.95 for the pant there’s no question that this touring combo is expensive, but for your dollars you get a number of features that will help make your ride more comfortable and convenient.

The Alpinestars Frontier Gore-Tex Pant retails for  599.95
The Alpinestars Frontier Gore-Tex Pant retails for $599.95

Both the pant and the jacket feature a multi-fabric outer shell construction with a removable Paclite Gore-Tex membrane and micro-fleece insert which keeps you warm and dry. Multiple fixed and zippered air intakes and the removable liner enhance ventilation in warmer climates, plus the arms can be removed thereby converting the jacket into a vest. There are also waterproof pockets for storage of delicate electronics like cell phones and iPods. Additionally, the jacket can accommodate a Camelback-style hydration bladder and has a modular fanny pack for carrying items when you’ve arrived at your destination.
Safety wise, both the jacket and pant make use of lightweight and removable CE-certified pads in the shoulder, elbow and knee areas. The jacket also accepts chest and back armor available as an accessory (see Sport page). Reflective strips further enhance safety and are used to help you be seen on the road. Lastly the jacket is compatible with Alpinestars recently released Bionic Neck Support (BNS).
For those seeking an even more robust pant for use during off-road adventures there is the $599.95 Alpinestars Frontier Gore-Tex Pant. Similarly to the Durban, this pant is designed for use in any climate with its multiple removable layers and liners, plus its waterproof pockets. In terms or protection it incorporates removable armor in the knee and shin areas. It also neatly integrates impact absorbing padding in the hips.

The Alpinestars Hydro Sport Drystar Gore-Tex Boot retails for  249.95
The Alpinestars Hydro Sport Drystar Gore-Tex Boot retails for $249.95

Complementing these products are the Alpinestars Hydro Sport Drystar Boot and Tech Road Gore-Tex Glove. The $249.95 boot uses a waterproof yet breathable Drystar liner with a ventilation system built into it. The boot also features a stout shin plate and ankle cups with external plastic sliders for protection in case of a crash. A rubberized sole enhances traction and grip in wet conditions.
Retailing for $189.95, the glove incorporates a Gore-Tex membrane and reinforced plastic on the knuckles. It also has a water resistant locking zipper for a comfortable fit. Furthermore for those seeking an all-weather glove with a shorter cuff there is the $109.95 Alpinestars Arctic Drystar Glove.
Alpinestars new Tech Touring products will be available by the end of August and can be purchased at or other Alpinestars dealers nationwide.

The Alpinestars Stella Seville Waterproof Jacket retails for  199.95
The Alpinestars Stella Seville Waterproof Jacket retails for $199.95

Female motorcycle riders have unique demands and Alpinestars acknowledges this by offering ladies a variety of new gear. One of the newest pieces in the collection is the Stella Seville Waterproof Jacket. This reasonably priced $199.95 jacket is designed for use in-or-around the city. It features a polyester outer shell with a waterproof membrane which will keep them dry in wet weather. It also has a removable thermal liner for use in cool weather. Lightweight and removable bio-armor is used in the elbow and shoulder areas and is designed to enhance the fit and feel of the jacket. This classically styled jacket is available in sizes XS through XXL.
For women who typically ride in cooler climates then the Alpinestars Stella Munich Drystar Glove will be a must-have piece of riding kit. This glove is insulated with a soft fleece interior and Drystar membrane. The palms are also reinforced for improved feel as well as durability when squeezing the handlebar. This glove is available in sizes XS through XL and retails for $69.95

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