Bell Custom 500 Helmet Review

Steve Atlas | August 10, 2010
Bell Custom 500Bell Custom 500
Bell’s Custom 500 pays homage to the original Bell helmet that started the industry as we know it today, yet provides modern comfort and DOT-approved protection.

Retro is in. When it comes to style, be it clothes or even new motorcycling apparel, the trendy ticket is that old school look. But while in most cases one has to sacrifice safety to obtain the latest style, Bell has released the Custom 500 helmet to make sure one’s noggin is protected while still being cool.

The open face helmet features a custom fiberglass construction with an EPS foam layer inside to provide a lightweight and streamlined look while still meeting DOT certification and protecting one in the event of a fall. The interior is padded with quilted liner for comfort as well as cooling, all for retail prices starting as low as $99.95.

We were able to get our hands on the Custom 500 in their ‘Stunt’ graphics, which features some of the highest quality paint and detailing we’ve ever seen on a helmet, something quite surprising for its price point. Fit and finish is also well above the $139.95 pay grade, as we were quite impressed by how comfortable it was and also how well it formed to our head. Throw a pair of shades on under for eye protection and you’ve got the ultimate scooter or cruiser lid.

In 1954 Roy Richter former the very first Bell helmet out of fiberglass and called it the 500. This was the beginning of a new industry and basically gave rise to helmet production and protection as we know it today. The Bell Custom 500 pays homage to that original design and style, while adding modern protection and comfort. We haven’t tested how it works in the event of a fall, and hopefully never will, but as far as style and sheer cool-factor goes, the new Bell Custom 500 is tough to beat.

The Bell Custom 500 is available at Motorcycle Superstore or from Bell dealers nationwide now, with retail prices starting at under $100.

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