Sidi Adventure Rain Boot Review

JC Hilderbrand | August 5, 2010
sidi adventure rain boots
Sidi Adventure Rain Boots are a deviation from the Sidi Discovery Rain Boots and bring the hinge design and Velcro closure.

Adventure riding is a difficult sport to dress for. The variation of climates, conditions and bikes make it nearly impossible to find a single set of gear that can handle it all. As far as boots are concerned, I’ve come the closest yet with the new-for-2010 Sidi Adventure Rain boots.

Sidi classifies its newest offering as a street touring boot, but I think it actually has more of a dirt appeal. It gets the same exquisite cam-lock buckles as the top-end Crossfire off-road boots, using one above and one below the ankle. A Single Flex System uses one hinge at the ankle to provide easy, albeit squeaky, movement, and up top is a plastic/leather shin guard with Velcro closure. I like that the boots aren’t flashy, looking like a high-tech work boot, so only the noise draws attention when stopping for gas or walking into a café for lunch.

When looking for adventure touring footwear, the biggest criterion for me was a stiff sole. My flat feet don’t like to bend around the footpegs, and most street boots I’ve sampled are too flimsy to support standing. Sidi’s composite inner sole offers the support I was seeking, but flexes more than a full-blow off-road boot, making it easier and more comfortable walking around a restaurant or scouting a questionable trail. The soft-lug exterior sole found grip in all conditions when hiking away from the bike or dabbing a foot, even on wet rocks. It gripped the metal pegs very well, and was sufficient even when the rubber vibration inserts were in place. My trip lasted 3000 miles and the boots are in great shape, but I touched the pavement a few times trying to stretch my legs and the soles ground away quickly. It makes me wonder how they will hold up for another 5000-10000 miles. A shift pad made from Lorica is durable and is easy to slip under the lever.

Most importantly, as the name suggests, they keep your feet dry. I ordered a pair and immediately took the on a five-state tour through the Northwest. The trip was about 70/30 street and dirt, and I was caught in all kinds of weather. I rode and walked through running creeks, stagnant pools, mud, snow, cow crap, downpours and 70-degree sunny days. Not once did my feet get wet. The membrane-equipped split grain leather and Cambrelle kept every drop at bay. The only

sidi adventure rain boots
After 3000 miles the Adventure Rain Boots are still in great shape. They’ve also seen time on ATVs and side-by-sides because I like them so much.

time my feet got damp was when I started sweating. With temperatures varying from low-30s to almost 80 degrees, I doubled up on socks and sometimes found myself overdressed, making for some warm tootsies. Otherwise, there wasn’t a heat retention problem.

I wore the Adventure Rain boots for a cruiser photo shoot and they fit perfectly. They’ve also seen time on an ATV where the extra comfort and mobility is a plus, and I’ve even worn them while driving side-by-sides because I never have to worry about soggy shoes when getting in deep. Thanks to the large Velcro closure at the top, riding pants can be worn inside or outside depending on rider preference. I always kept mine on the outside to help shed water, but these don’t have to be put away during the dry season by any means. On all accounts the Sidi Adventure Rain boots have been exactly what I wanted – a blend between the rigid protection of full off-road boots and the comfortable-but-weak street kicks.

MSRP: $375
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