2010 Motocross des Nations Results

September 26, 2010
Matt Davidson
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Team USA overcame two crashes to take the overall win at the 2010 Motocross des Nations.
Team USA overcame two crashes to take the overall win at the 2010 Motocross des Nations.

Team USA captured the 2010 Motocross des Nations title in Lakewood, Colorado on Sunday! This represents the 21st time that USA has taken the win, and is America’s sixth consecutive title. Making the victory that much better was the fact that it was taken on home soil. Although the USA crew was the favorite for the overall, it wasn’t an easy victory thanks to some crashes, bad starts and bent bikes.

MX1 + MX2

In the first contest, Ryan Dungey got an excellent start while Trey Canard suffered a crash in the first turn. Ice-Trey tangled with “Puerto Rico’s” Zach Osborne going into the first turn. The rider’s bike locked together, putting the two  even futher behind. Canard remounted second to last and began his charge to make up valuable positions. Meanwhile, Antonio Cairoli of Italy was the fastest man on the track and gave Dungey a run for his money throughout the race. Dungey finally made his move on the Italian and eventually crossed the line about 10 seconds ahead of Cairoli, with Australia’s Brett Metcalfe rounding out the podium in third. France’s Marvin Musquin pulled out of the race early with an injured wrist, ending France’s chance of a podium finish.

” I just knew I had to go, but we were stuck, and I couldn’t,” Canard said about his first-turn crash with Osborne. “I just tried to remain calm. I made sure I did what was right and rode with a level head.”
MX1 + MX2 Motocross des Nations Results:
1. Ryan Dungey, USA (Suzuki)
2. Antonio Cairoli, Italy (KTM)

For the 21st time Team USA took home the win at the Motocross des Nations.
For the 21st time Team USA took home the win at the Motocross des Nations.

3. Brett Metcalfe, Australia (Honda)
4. Jonathan Barragan, Spain (Kawasaki)
5. Gautier Paulin, France (Yamaha)
6. Ken Roczen, Germany (Suzuki)
7. Steve Ramon, Belgium (Suzuki)
8. Dean Wilson, Great Britain (Kawasaki)
9. Rui Goncalves, Portugal (KTM)
10. Tanel Leok, Estonia (Honda)
11. Joshua Coppins, New Zealand (Aprilia)
12. Trey Canard, USA (Honda)
13. Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium (Kawasaki)
14. Marcus Schiffer, Germany (Suzuki)
15. Zach Osborne, Puerto Rico (Yamaha)
MX2 + Open

The Americans got another great start in the second moto of the day with Andrew Short pulling one of his trademark holeshots. His lead didn’t last for long, however, as Germany’s Ken Roczen put up a strong fight. Everything was looking great until New Zealand’s Ben Townley came together with Short (dare we say takeout) and resulted with the American taking a serious soil sample. Shorty at first didn’t look like he was going to be able to continue, but eventually remounted near the back of the pack.  

“I was pretty dazed; he(Townley) hit me so hard,” said Shorty. “I was just trying to get everything sorted again, and then I got my bike up and realized the clutch lever was gone. I knew I couldn’t give up.”

Townley went on to win the moto, and Short rebounded for 13th on his damaged Honda. Canard finished seventh while Germany’s MX2 rider, Roczen, impressed everyone with a dominating ride for third. Team USA’s sixth consecutive title was in danger of slipping through their fingers, especially with Short looking off-pace after his crash. With one moto remaining, USA trailed the Germans by five points, setting up an ultimate showdown for the title.

MX2 + Open Motocross des Nations Results:

Andrew Short pulled the holeshot in Moto 2 but then tangled with New Zealands Ben Townley a few laps later. Short went down  and Townley took the win.
Andrew Short pulled the holeshot in Moto 2 but then tangled with New Zealand’s Ben Townley a few laps later. Short went down, and Townley took the win.

1. Ben Townley, New Zealand (Honda)
2. Kyle Regal, Puerto Rico (Honda)
3. Ken Roczen, Germany (Suzuki)
4. Clement Desalle, Belgium (Suzuki)
5. Max Nagal,Germany (KTM)
6. Dean Wilson, Great Britain (Kawasaki)
7. Trey Canard, USA (Honda)
8. Brad Anderson, Great Britain (Honda)
9. Manuel Monni, Italy (Yamaha)
10. Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium (Kawasaki)
11. Xavier Boog, France (Kawasaki)
12. Jorge Antonio Balbi Junior, Brazil (Kawasaki)
13. Andrew Short, USA (Honda)
14. Zach Osborne, Puerto Rico (Yamaha)
15. Yoshitaka Atsuta, Japan (Suzuki)

MX1 + Open

In the final match of the day Dungey and Short both executed outstanding performances for the 1-2 finish. Short took off like he had something to prove and led the race for several laps. Hot on the Americans’ heels was New Zealand’s Ben Townley. Dungey eventually got around his teammate to secure the overall individual honors, but the head-to-head battle with Germany never materialized. Max Nagl retired early in the moto which took the pressure off Team USA. Meanwhile Ben Townley managed to get around Short, but then wadded up while running in second. Townley pulled out of the moto with a twisted ankle.

“We never quit; we always kept pushing, no matter what the outcome was,” said team leader Dungey.

America wound up beating the Belgium team for the crown by seven points (23-30). Clement Desalle took third in the final moto, and Steve Ramon was sixth which helped the Belgians hold off Germany (30-44) in the team standings. Great Britain missed the podium by a single point.
“This weekend was quite amazing,” Dungey said in a statement. “The track was rougher and better than yesterday. I felt the pressure from Cairoli in the beginning but the line choice increased as the race went on. This is right at the top considering what I have won this year. Everything must go right to win at this event. It is hard to put into words but it’s like the experience of a lifetime. I felt like we really stuck together as a team and that helped a lot. We never quit and always kept pushing. I want to thank the team and everyone behind us.”

MX1 + Open Motocross des Nations Results:

Ryan Dungey took the win in the first moto for Team USA.
Ryan Dungey took another win in the third moto with teammate Andrew Short right behind him. Way to go USA!

1. Ryan Dungey, USA (Suzuki)
2. Andrew Short, USA (Honda)
3. Clement Desalle, Belgium (Suzuki)
4. Antonio Cairoli, Italy (KTM)
5. Brett Metcalfe, Australia (Honda)
6. Steve Ramon, Belgium (Suzuki)
7. Xavier Boog, France (Kawasaki)
8. Arnaus Tonus, Switzerland (Suzuki)
9. Gautier Paulin, France (Yamaha)
10. Jay Marmont, Australia (Yamaha)
11. Brad Anderson, Great Britain (Honda)
12. Jake Nicholls, Great Britain (KTM)
13. Rui Goncalves, Portugal (KTM)
14. Joshua Coppins, New Zealand (Aprilia)
15. Manuel Monni, Italy (Yamaha)

Motocross des Nations Team Results:
1. USA, 23
2. Belgium, 30
3. Germany, 44
4. Great Britain, 45
5. Italy, 50
6. Australia, 54
7. France, 71
8. New Zealand, 90
9. Portugal, 94
10. Puerto Rico, 99
11. Switzerland, 102
12. Austria, 109
13. Spain, 115
14. Finland, 116
15. Estonia, 118
16. Canada, 119
17. Latvia, 121
18. Brazil, 123
19. Japan, 128
20. Ireland, 142