2010 Pala WMX Insider

September 13, 2010
By Farrah Bauer
Final Podium of the 2010 WMX season at Pala Raceway  from left to right : Tarah Geiger  Jessica Patterson and Ashley Fiolek.
Final Podium of the 2010 WMX season at Pala Raceway (from left to right): Tarah Geiger, Jessica Patterson and Ashley Fiolek.

The WMX season finale, which was held for the first time at Pala Raceway, has come and gone. Many were skeptical that Pala could prepare a national track and all the amenities that go along with hosting motocross national. But to the surprise of fans and racers alike, Pala managed to pull off a spectacular finale event.

After all her hard work throughout the season, DNA Shred Stix Star Racing Yamaha rider, Jessica Patterson, was crowned the new 2010 WMX Champion. In Moto 1, Factory Honda backed Ashley Fiolek rocketed off the gate first and claimed the MotorcycleUSA.com holeshot award. Fiolek unfortunately crashed shortly after and Patterson managed to take the lead position. Patterson then started opening up a significant lead. Fiolek would then have a battle for position with Kawasaki’s Sara Price. Through the corner they were neck and neck, but Fiolek managed to pass Price in the whoop section. Fiolek then set her sights on Patterson and began to chip away at her lead.

An epic battle for third developed between Sara Price, Vicki Golden, and Mariana Balbi. Golden eventually made the pass over Price, however, and Balbi just couldn’t manage to overtake Price’s Kawasaki. Another battle for position developed between Alexah Pearson, Jacqueline Strong and Sarah Whitmore. At the end, Pearson managed to keep

Ashley Fiolek took the  250 Motorcycle-USA.com holeshot award after blasting into the lead in Moto 1.
Ashley Fiolek took the $250 Motorcycle-USA.com holeshot award after blasting into the lead in Moto 1.

her position over Strong and Whitmore. On the last lap, Fiolek was eleven seconds behind and just couldn’t make up the time difference. At the checkered flag it was Jessica Patterson, Ashley Fiolek, Vicki Golden, Sara Price and Mariana Balbi.

In Moto 2 as the gate dropped Ashley Fiolek and Jessica Patterson were neck in neck approaching the holeshot turn. As the riders rounded the corner, Fiolek managed to claim the MotorcycleUSA.com holeshot award by only half a bike length. Fiolek continued to lead the race with Patterson in hot pursuit. Troy Lee Design’s Tarah Geiger, Alexah Pearson and Mariana Balbi struggled for position. Each rider was only a fraction of a second from each other. Close to the end of the race, Jessica Patterson crashed shortly after crossing the finish line. Although she didn’t lose a position, it did allow Fiolek to extend her lead to an insurmountable 33 seconds. At the end of the race it was Ashley Fiolek, Jessica Patterson, Tarah Geiger, Alexah Pearson and Mariana Balbi, who once again rounding out the top-five finishers.

Patterson’s 1 – 2 finish was enough to cinch the 2010 WMX Championship title. At the podium she was not only presented with her number-one plate, but corporate Yamaha presented her with an award check for $25,000.00. Patterson proved this year that she still has what it takes and that all she needed was a team that could provide her with the equipment to successfully combat the factory rides. It’s truly been a spectacular season filled with heart stopping, nail-biting action. And as a teary-eyed Patterson accepted her awards and prepared to shower her fans with champagne, one can hardly wait for the start of the 2011 season.

Pala Race Results Overall:
1. Ashley Fiolek (2-1)
2. Jessica Patterson (1-2)

In addition to earning the 2010 WMX title  Jessica Patterson was awarded with a  25 000 check by Yamaha for her success this season.
In addition to earning the 2010 WMX title, Jessica Patterson was awarded with a $25,000 check by Yamaha for her success this season.

3. Vicki Golden (3-6)
4. Tarah Geiger (7-3)
5. Mariana Balbi (5-5)
6. Alexah Person (9-4)
7. Sherri Cruse (8-7)
8. Tatum Sik (6-9)
9. Sarah Whitmore (11-8)
10. Jacqueline Strong (10-14)
11. Sara Price (4-22)
12. Kasie Creson (15-10)
13. Erica Cook (14-13)
14. Penni Cyrus (12-16)
15. Kacy Martinez (17-12)

Official Point Standings:
1. Jessica Patterson 382
2. Ashley Fiolek 360
3. Tarah Geiger 295
4. Vicki Golden 252
5. Mariana Balbi 239
6. Sara Price 230
7. Alexah Pearson 202
8. Sarah Whitmore 201
9. Tatum Sik 179
10. Jacqueline Strong 154
11. Erica Cook 145
12. Penni Cyrus 102
13. Lindsey Palmer 90
14. Elizabeth Bash 76
15. Sayaka Kaneshiro 60

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