2010 Roof of Africa Innovations

September 17, 2010
Courtesy of Roof of Africa
The 2010 “Baboons” Lesotho Sun Roof of Africa taking place from the 24th to 27th November in Lesotho, Southern Africa, will showcase many new innovations. The Mother-of-Hardenduro will remain a challenging ride for contestants entering the 43rd running of one of the world’s toughest off-road races.
Roof of Africa - Kyle Redmond

The “Baboons” Lesotho Sun Roof of Africa is earmarked to form part of the 2011 World Extreme Enduro Championship. For the organizers, Adventure Lesotho (PTY) Ltd, taking the event to international standards is a key priority this year and with an increased team of people involved in the event, the organizers are confident about doing just that.

Historically, the demanding nature of hosting an event of this standard in Lesotho has created logistical nightmares in the management of the event. The organizers have evaluated and drawn from past lessons, using them to format revolutionary alterations that characterize this year’s race. One fact remains – the best enduro motorcycle riders in the world want to travel to Southern Africa to compete in this event that has earned its place as one of the most grueling and enduring races in the world.

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of the three different levels of achievement -Bronze, Silver and Gold – representing increasing levels of technical difficulty. To qualify for an achievement badge, competitors must complete Racing Sections 1 and 2 in their entirety. The distance completed in Racing Section 3 will determine achievement levels. Bronze achievers must complete one-third of Racing Section 3 (about 50km), Silver achievers 2/3rds and Gold achievers must complete the full race distance.

Competitors failing to complete either Racing Sections 1 and/or 2, who manage to reach the Bronze finish point in Racing Section 3, will officially be deemed “finishers”. These competitors will attain their complete racing time plus all added penalty times.

As per tradition, the Round the Houses section will kick-off the event on Thursday (25 November). This section will see competitors completing a route in the center of Maseru that will establish their starting position for Racing Section 1. Riders will then tackle Racing Section 1 on the outskirts of Maseru that will consist of short passes and open sections with a technical intensity classified as low to moderate. Failure to complete this section, or any section afterwards, will result in a prescribed time penalty and will preclude the rider from obtaining an achievement badge. However, unlike in previous years, the rider will be able to continue actively and can participate in the race.

Racing Section 2 on Friday (26 November) will consist of between 250 and 300 kilometers including open sections and short technical pieces. On the final day (Saturday 27 November), the remaining competitors can prepare themselves for the toughest day of the race, although the route for Racing Section 3 will only be 150km long.

The introduction of the new achievement levels in addition to the changed route format and intensive pre-Roof planning will allow more competitors a fuller experience of the “Roof” with many more leaving the Mountain Kingdom having completed the race.

Entry fees are R3 500 and competitors receive a R500 discount if entered by close of business on 5 November. Thereafter, full entry fee applies. Entries will only be accepted until 15 November 2010.

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