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September 6, 2010
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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After every round of the Lucas Oil Pro AMA Motocross Championship we wonder if the racing can get any better, and every weekend it does. Steel City was absolutely intense! Crashes, a championship battle and a surprise winner kept the Pennsylvania fans glued to their spots along the fences until the very last lap had been turned. The season is nearing the end, but I wouldn’t say it’s winding down, more like heating up! Let’s take a look back at the 11th round of the 2010 season.

Kevin Windham went 1-2 for the overall win at Steel City. K-Kub diced with Brett Metcalfe in the first moto.
Windham said he was feeling a bit sore after his first overall motocross win since 2007.

K-Dub fans rejoice! The 32-year-old Kevin Windham took home the first place trophy this weekend after capitalizing on Ryan Dungey’s mechanical DNF in the first moto. In the first moto Windham battled Brett Metcalfe for 30 minutes plus two laps, making a final push past the GEICO rider with just over two laps remaining. In the second moto, the Number 14 rider rode an inspired moto, and even passed Dungey early on as he moved into the lead around Andrew Short. Dungey would eventually get by and pull away from the veteran, but second place was more than adequate for the overall. K-Dub celebrated the win with a slice of apple pie, and said he is going to use part of his win bonus for a massage. Who knows if we’ll ever see the Mississippi rider take home another win, but I wouldn’t count him out.

Brett Metcalfe is having one heck of a first season in the 450 class. The Aussie continues to put up great results, and this weekend he posted a second overall. While leading the first moto many thought he would get redemption for his heartbreaking first moto at Southwick where he ran out of gas while leading. It would not be, however, as Windham made a

GEICOs Bret Metcalfe continues to shine in his first season on the 450 Honda. Metty ended up second overall and took over second place in the points.
Metty once again was oh-so-close to winning his first 450-class moto, but wasn’t too disappointed to finish behind Windham.

late race charge past Metty for the win. After the moto, Metcalfe admitted that he worried about running out of gas again on the last couple of laps. His fuel would last and he crossed the line about 10 bike-lengths behind K-Dub. Although he didn’t win he crossed the line with a smile on his face, knowing that he had a great moto battling with Windham.

So what about the Dungey? His win streak finally came to an end not at the hands of a competitor but by his own doing. The newly crowned champ crashed on the first lap of Moto 1, and when he got up it was obvious the bike was not right. After limping back to the mechanics area it was found that the crash has sheared of the front brake rotor, and Moto 1 was over for the rookie sensation. In the second moto RD5 rebounded and eventually pulled away from the pack as he has so many times this year. He is now tied with the GOAT, Ricky Carmichael for the most rookie moto wins in a season.

This weekend took its toll on the field with more than a few crashes and injuries. Of course there was Dungey’s crash that allowed Windham to take the overall, but several other fast guys hit the loam of Steel City. Kyle Regal went out early after a crash that at first looked like a freestyle maneuver. As Regal left the face of an uphill triple his bike went sideways and

Ben Townley rocked out a solid result in the first moto  but a crash in the second sent him packing early.
BT101 rode the first moto with a broken nose, but a crash in Moto 2 ended his day.

spun almost 360 degrees as he hung on with his legs kicking in the air. The super-fast privateer landed on his side hard and then was run over by a couple of riders behind him. Although he walked to the Asterisk Medical Mule under his own power, his day was finished. Tommy Hahn also went out in Moto 1 with a separated shoulder after packing it in on a double. Ben Townley suffered a broken nose from a rock kicked up by Windham in the first moto, but the TLD rider toughed it out and crossed the line in third. A first turn pile-up in the second outing sent BT101 back to the pits with a mangled bike and a DNF.

In the 250 class the Steel City fans were treated to some of the tightest racing of the season as the Pro Circuit and GEICO teams duked it out. In both motos Trey Canard and Christophe Pourcel rode their hearts out for every single championship point. In one of the best battles of the year the championship rivals swapped the lead several times during the first moto. Canard finally made the pass for the lead stick, and pulled away from the Number-337 Kawasaki. On the podium after the first moto, Canard thanked the crowd for cheering him on, and then told the crowd that his rival deserved the same applause. It seems that some fans were booing Pourcel just because he wasn’t an American, and Ice-Trey didn’t think it was right.

The second moto Pourcel got a mid-pack start while the rest of the Pro Circuit and GEICO crews were out in front doing battle. The fast Frenchman put on an epic charge to the top three as Canard moved into the lead. With the laps running out for Pourcel he made the move around his teammate Wilson, but it didn’t have enough time to catch the Number-38 Honda. Ice-Trey crossed the line two seconds ahead of Pourcel, taking the win and narrowing the points gap to seven.

Pourcel pondered what he has to do to take home the #1 plate.
Pourcel contemplated his season and what he must do to win the title.
While Trey Canard celebrated picking up six points on Pourcel...
While Canard celebrated picking up six more points in the championship race;

With just two motos remaining the championship is Pourcel’s to lose. All the Pro Circuit rider needs to do is stay on Canard’s tail in both motos, and the #1 plate is his. On the flip side, Canard needs to put his Honda in the top spot in both motos to have any chance of taking home the title. Barring any major catastrophes for either rider, this championship is going to go down to the last moto, and hopefully the last lap.

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