2010 WMX Pala Results

September 11, 2010
Matt Davidson
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Jessica Patterson lost out on the double victory at Steel City after her crash in Moto 1.
Jessica Patterson won the 2010 WMX Championship – the sixth win of her career.

For the first time ever, motocross action arrived at the newly-built Pala Raceway in Temecula, California. Helping break-in the new circuit was the WMX field as the Motorcycle-USA.com WMX Championship completed its final round of the ’10 season at the Southern California track. Taking top honors for the day was Honda Red Bull’sAshley Fiolek. The highest honors, however, went to DNA Shred Stix Yamaha’s Jessica Patterson, who claimed her sixth national championship with a 1-2 finish today.

The first moto began with Fiolek taking a well-earned holeshot ahead of Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Sara Price and Parts Unlimited Suzuki’s Sherri Cruse. Patterson made quick work of Cruse and Price to move into second-place during the opening lap. The championship leader immediately set her sights on Fiolek and passed the Honda rider by railing the outside of a berm to take the lead. Just moments afterward Fiolek went down and lost a position to Price. By the time Fiolek was back up and running in second, Patterson had a ridiculous lead over the field.
Further behind Fiolek, Tarah Geiger continued to improve on her poor start by making the pass on Warthog Racing’s Tatum Sik for seventh. In the final laps of the contest Vicki Golden led a strong campaign against Price to take her third-place position. Patterson easily took the win in the first moto followed by Fiolek, Golden and Price.
In the final moto of the day at Pala Raceway, Fiolek and Patterson took an early lead out of the gates with Geiger hot on their heels. Patterson confronted early challenges from Geiger, who rode shoulder-to-shoulder with the championship leader in the opening lap. After finishing third in the first moto, Golden was running in ninth ahead of Jagermeister KTM’s Sarah Whitmore. Meanwhile, Fiolek grabbed the lead and rode a strong defensive race up front ahead of Patterson. 

While pushing hard in the final laps to close the distance on Fiolek, Patterson crashed out at the finish line jump but managed to retain her second-place position. Also having problem towards the final moto of the day was Price, who dropped all the way down to 22nd.
Although Fiolek was able to come back strong in the second moto to take the overall at Pala, Patterson officially ended the 2010 WMX season on top with a 22-point lead over Fiolek. After finishing fourth overall at Pala, Geiger took home third in the championship ahead of Golden and Motoconcepts Yamaha’s Mariana Balbi, who rounded out the standings in fourth and fifth, respectively.
2010 WMX Pala Results:
1. Ashley Fiolek (Honda) 2-1

Ashley Fiolek took the checkers in Moto 1 by more than nine seconds ahead of Jessica Patterson.
Ashley Fiolek was unable to overcome her point deficit on Patterson but took the overall win at Pala Raceway. She took home second-place in the championship.

2. Jessica Patterson (Yamaha) 1-2
3. Vicki Golden (Yamaha) 3-6
4. Tarah Geiger (Honda) 7-3
5. Mariana Balbi (Yamaha) 5-5
6. Alexah Pearson (Yamaha) 9-4
7. Sherri Cruse (Suzuki) 8-7
8. Tatum Sik (Yamaha) 6-9
9. Sarah Whitmore (KTM) 11-8
10. Jacqueline Strong (Yamaha) 10-14
11. Sara Price (Kawasaki) 4-22
12. Kasie Creson (Honda) 15-10
13. Erica Cook (Yamaha) 14-13
14. Penni Cyrus (Kawasaki) 12-16
15. Kacy Martinez (KTM) 17-12
2010 WMX Championship Points:
1. Jessica Patterson, 382
2. Ashley Fiolek, 360
3. Tarah Geiger, 295
4. Vicki Golden, 252
5. Mariana Balbi, 239

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