2011 Suzuki GSX-R600 Sketch Leaked

September 23, 2010
Steve Atlas
Steve Atlas
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2011 Suzuki GSX-R600 artist rendering.
This artist rendering was leaked from a source close to Suzuki and is of what the rumored 2011 GSX-R600 (and 750?) might look like. More information is said is expected in the coming weeks as the Suzuki dealershow is the first week of October and if they are going to officially announce it for next year it will be to its dealers there.

Reliable sources close to Suzuki have leaked an artist rendering of what the rumored all-new 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600 and possibly 750 might look like. With the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer unwilling to confirm nor deny if or when the new GSX-R will be available, information on the middleweight at this time is limited to the sketch.

The current GSX-R600/750 was last updated in ’08 and is far from being outdated; it received high marks for its versatility and all-around abilities in our annual 2009 Supersport Shootout and also recently competed in the multi-stage 2010 Modified Supersport Shootout, final results of which will be online in the coming weeks.

The sketch shows a bike that appears quite similar in appearance to their current GSX-R1000, which was redesigned from the wheels up in ’09, the first complete model redesign for their liter-bike in eight years. We have heard from more than one industry insider that the same will hold true for this new 600, featuring the latest in race-bred technology, totally-new from the ground up. The GSX-R600 has typically followed a year behind the 1000 in its development cycle, until this year. But with no Suzuki street bikes coming into the U.S. in ’10 and the economy taking a dive like it has, it’s not surprising that this new model took an extra year to presumably come to market.

The other big question: Will Suzuki continue to produce the 600’s big brother, the GSX-R750? For the past decade they have released a new three-quarter-liter machine to accompany its middleweight during each development cycle, as the machines have always been almost identical; the 750 simply gets a larger bore and a host of upgraded components, usually in the suspension department. The mid-size sportbike market has been one occupied solely by Suzuki for years now. But with consistently strong sales numbers, one would have to assume they will continue to produce the middle GSX-R; additional production costs are probably nominal as 99% of the tooling and parts from the 600 are used. One thing is for sure, we here at MotoUSA hope it continues, as it’s always been a favorite amongst everyone on staff. So much so that we still scratch our heads wondering why other manufacturers don’t make 750s.

Suzuki’s annual dealershow will be taking place the first weekend of October and our sources close to the manufacturer say that a definite answer will be forthcoming then, so stay tuned.

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