Alpinestars Shibuya Canvas Shoe Review

Adam Waheed | September 16, 2010
The Ducati Streetfighter handles best when its leaned over on the side of the tire.

The Alpinestars Shibuya Canvas shoe is a perfect casual motorcycle riding footwear for use around town.

For many street riders strapping on motorcycle boots for short rides around town can be a bit awkward. While full blown riding boots remain a vital piece of protective equipment they are purpose built and can seem out of place to the general public, but you should always wear protective gear. So what’s a rider to do? Alpinestars offers up a solution to the problem by offering its reasonably priced Shibuya riding shoe.
The Alpinestars Shibuya Canvas Shoe is designed to give the casual urban motorcyclist an element of style and protection. The shoe was designed by the same folks who helped dream up the Nero line of urban riding attire. (Make sure to check out our thoughts in the Alpinestars Nero Skeletal Jacket Review.)
The shape and exterior profile are inspired by footwear popular with the young, hip scooter crowds in Japan. It is devoid of any flashy logos or graphics and cinches up with a standard lace set-up that is cleverly recessed which keeps them from loosening while riding or walking.
The high-top Shibuya is constructed from a lightweight and abrasion-resistant canvas material that is also breathable. They have proven to be perfect for use in warm climates. In terms of protection, the sole features a nylon shank which protects the bottom of the rider’s foot from impacts. There is also an integrated dual-density ankle cup.
A-stars shoe feels as light as a pair of Chuck Taylors and provide a comparable level of comfort. They also run a little big so you can get away with wearing a half-size smaller. The sole has adequate grip in both wet and dry weather plus the exceptional ventilation make this one of my personal favorites for quick rides during the hot summer months. After an entire season of regular use, the Shibuya has stood up to the abuse. The color has faded slightly with time and cleaning but the soles are still in great shape.
Motorcycle riding purists will point out that the Shibuya just can’t offer the same level of protection as a standard riding boot and they are correct. You wouldn’t want to wear them during a track day but for jetting around town it’s better than a pair of Nikes, moreover they were designed with riding in mind and will provide more protection than your cross-trainers ever could.

The Alpinestars Shibuya Canvas Shoes are available at Motorcycle Superstore
Colors: Black, White
Sizes: 6 – 14 (39 – 48 EUR)
MSRP: $139.95



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