Fox Proframe Protector Review

JC Hilderbrand | September 30, 2010
Fox Proframe
Fox Proframe
The rear panel is removable.

The Fox Racing Proframe Protector blocks roost and guards your torso in the event of a crash. The Proframe does not come with shoulder or bicep guards, and is targeted more at racing with its light weight.

The wide collar is designed to accept a neck brace, though our testing was done without one. Riders can easily tuck the neck brace flanges underneath the collar and use the adjustable Velcro shoulder straps for simple and effective fitting. The back plate is also adjustable between two positions, or it can be removed entirely and replaced with a clear strap system.

Coverage is good with a wide belly section that extends around the ribs comfortably, and the chest is wide enough that riders won’t catch an errant rock in the nipple. I also didn’t have any problems with the Proframe rubbing me raw, even when worn for hours at a time, a tribute to the biofoam padding. The connecting straps ride low around the bottom and click into the buckles integrated in the front panel. Rather than having straps on both front and rear, this makes securing the Proframe a one-handed operation.

The Fox protector chassis likes to ride up a little. The buckle straps could be higher on the ribs and this may help keep the chest plate down where it belongs. I also noticed that it can interfere with a fanny pack if you ride off-road and carry tools. The long and wide front section got caught on the pack’s buckle and strap

Fox Proframe
Fox Proframe White.

on several occasions and worked its way up onto my neck. Also, even with a decent amount of vents on both the front and rear panels, the Proframe is still pretty warm. We attribute the heat retention to the thick foam padding which is a tradeoff for the excellent comfort.

For a race protector that doesn’t offer hard shoulder or arm guards, the Fox Proframe has some of the best coverage we’ve seen. The biofoam is comfortable and the hard chest and back plates are very tough. Having the ability to strap on a neck brace without modifying anything is a great feature as well.

The Fox Racing Proframe Protector is available at Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $100-$120


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