2010 Q3 Motorcycle Sales Down 18.3%

October 21, 2010
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Motorcycle Industry Council

Sales data from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) shows a continued 18.3% drop in annual sales for 2010. The quarterly sales data claims 555,440 total units sold year to date, compared to 679,806 units from the same time last year. The 18.3% decline is identical to the overall totals in the January through June second quarter report.

On-highway motorcycles sales, which is the largest segment of the report, continues a 14.3% decline with its 265,095 sales down 44,327 units from last year. Scooters sales are down 10.9%, at 2856 units off 2009’s pace, though a slight improvement of the -12.2% of the Q2 report.

Off-road sales went in the opposite direction, worsening from already double-digit percentage losses in Q2. Off-highway sales through September were down 21.4%, with Q2 sales off 17.9%. Dual-sport sales showed a similar decline, down 13.8% through Q3 (-10.5% in Q2).

ATV sales were down 23.6% through September. It should be noted that Polaris Industries’ recent announcement of a large increase in sales, was fueled in large part by its side-by-side Ranger models. The MIC does not include side-by-sides in its ATV sales data.


2010 YTD Sales 2009 YTD Sales % Change
Totals: 555,440  679,806 -18.3
ATVs: 186,688  244,309  -23.6
Scooter: 23,432 26,288 -10.9
On-Hwy: 265,095 309,422 -14.3
Dual: 19,969 23,174 -13.8
Off-Hwy: 60,256 76,613 -21.4
Motorcycle Totals: 368,752 435,497 -15.3

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