2010 WMX Champ Jessica Patterson Interview

October 8, 2010
By Farrah Bauer

Despite a tense battle with Ashley Fiolek in the final laps  Jessica Patterson took the win in Moto 2 and snared the overall.
After sweeping the podium in the first half of the season Patterson continued to hold off Fiolek to regain the WMX title.

Talk about the season from your perspective.

I think it went amazing! Everything just fell into place and all the hard work I did with Ryno and also testing with the team to get the bike the best it can be just went awesome. We were all prepared and ready for the year.

Will you continue to train with Ryno during the off-season even though Ryno Land closed?

Oh yeah! Ryno and I have a very good relationship and work well together. We have plans for when I want to back things down that I will be his “wingman”. Even though Ryno Land is closed he comes out to the other tracks and we do the same things, just not in private now. But its fine, we get the work done.

What was the most difficult part of the season for you?

Crashing at X-Games and getting hurt was pretty hard to take. Luckily we had a break between races and I was able to heal much as I could to be able to come back and finish the series. I had a few races where I didn’t feel like I was having a good day but I made the best of them.

Out of all the tracks the WMX visited this year, which was your most favorite and which was your least favorite?

Jessica Patterson - 2010 Womens Motocross Hangtown
Out of all eight motocross tracks the WMX series visits throughout the season Southwick’s gnarly terrain ranks at the top with Patterson.

Of course I look forward to Southwick every year. Southwick gets so gnarly and I just love everything about it. I also love the Colorado track Thunder Valley. It’s an awesome place with a good layout. In regards to a least favorite, I didn’t really have one that I just didn’t like; I had fun at all of them.

It seemed like you were relieved when Ashley broke your winning streak at Red Bud. Did you feel a lot of pressure and stress to keep the streak going?

Yeah I was relieved but I don’t think there was a lot of pressure. It was just something cool to do and say you have done, but there isn’t any extra bonus for it. Red Bud was the race that I just wasn’t feeling it that day and couldn’t do much about it so I took it all in stride and just maintained the points lead.

Were you getting nervous towards the end of the season when the point spread between you and Ashley was a mere 22 points?

2010 MotoUSA Womens Motocross Hangtown Podium - Jessica Patterson  left  and Ashley Fiolek  right .
The battle for the championship went to the end with Fiolek down 22 points after the last checkered flag fell. We can only imagine the intensity that the 2011 Women’s Motocross season will hold.

Oh not at all! I thought that was amazing because I usually finish in way behind or just a point or two ahead. So I was pumped with the 22 points!

Do you feel Ashley Fiolek and other racers underestimated your abilities coming into the 2010 season?

Yeah of course! I’m the “old veteran” of the class and I’ve been around for a while. After getting beat two years in a row to Ashley Fiolek I think a lot of people thought I was washed out.

I specifically remember you commenting in 2009 that if you just had the equipment you could compete against the factory rides. Obviously Star Racing is a good fit for you. Will you re-sign with them for 2011?

Yeah it was an awesome fit and I plan on being with Star Racing for a while. The team and I are working on finalizing the deal. As of now I will be a part of the team we’re just working on the duration of the contract.

What’s the best part of racing for DNA Shred Stix Star Racing Yamaha?

Jessica Patterson and the DNA Shred Stix Yamaha team celebrate their success in the final round at Pala Raceway.
After splitting with HHR; and joining DNA Shred Stix Star Racing team they helped rejuvinate Patterson and take her to the top of the podium; helping her achieve a sixth title.

Everyone on the team is awesome! Since day one they have all helped me with whatever I needed. Even during the practice weeks and going to the tracks, doing set up and whatever we may have to do, they have been there. It’s been a big team effort and I couldn’t thank EVERYONE on the team enough for all their help.

The check! Talk about the $25,000 check from Yamaha that you received at the Pala podium.

Oh man….that was just crazy! I wasn’t expecting that at all. I mean this year my agreement with Yamaha came up last minute and I didn’t sign till late in the year. That bonus wasn’t in the contract at all and when Yamaha told me to open the box right there on the Pala Podium I didn’t know what to expect. To see that $25,000 and all the support Yamaha has giving me, it just felt so unreal. It’s hard to even put it in words. I couldn’t thank them enough.

Have you spent the $25,000 yet? Maybe a down payment on a new Lamborghini?

Haha no. I’m pretty tight with my money since there is little we do get, so I try and save most as I can so I don’t have to get a job as soon as the day comes that I don’t want to race competitively anymore. I did buy a new truck and have a two week vacation that is coming up and I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of it on it. Haha!

What do you plan to do during the WMX off-season?

Jessica Patterson gives her fans a thumbs up - 2010 MotoUSA Womens Motocross - Hangtown
After recapturing the WMX title its back to training for Jessica Patterson.

I have just been trying to finish healing up since my ribs and collar bone were still not 100%. I’m just taking little vacations, doing PR stuff for Yamaha and DNA, hanging out with the family and just getting things in order for next year.

Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?

I want to thank all my fans for the support and for not giving up on me. Also for the new fans that I got this year, thank you and I hope to continue good racing for y’all.

We look forward to seeing you back on the podium! Is there anyone you’d like to thank for your success this season?

Oh yeah! I couldn’t keep motivated and going with out my bf Eddie. He’s been there no matter what and keeping me going even when things weren’t looking to go. Also have to give the same props to Ryno. He’s been a big part of my life now and I’m so thankful for him. Tom at N-Fab.com has giving me so much support also and helps me keep that motor home on the road. Todd Hicks at FOX for the long family love and support from them. DNA Shred Stix/ Star Racing Yamaha, BRUX, Oakley, Dunlop, Asterisk, Ryno Power and FMF.

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