2010 World Superbike Magny Cours Friday

October 1, 2010
Matt Davidson
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DFX Corse Ducatis Lorenzo Lanzi headed up the first qualifying session in France with a 138.856 lap set in dry conditions at Magny Cours.
DFX Corse Ducati’s Lorenzo Lanzi headed up the first qualifying session in France with a 1’38.856 lap set in dry conditions at Magny Cours.

In the first timed session at Magny Cours DFX Corse’s Lorenzo Lanzi snagged the top time ahead of Xerox Ducati’s Michel Fabrizio and 2010 champion Max Biaggi. Lanzi managed to take the fastest lap under dry conditions by a margin of only 0.071 seconds aboard his Ducati 1098R, setting a pace of 1’38.856 during Friday’s afternoon session in France. The session proved extremely competitive, with the top-16 riders being separated by less than 0.7 seconds of each other.

The champion did quite well on Friday despite struggling with a minor case of the flu. The Italian was third and just a tenth slower than the leader.

“In spite of the times, which are very good, I’m worried about this flu,” said Biaggi. “I was able to express myself the way I wanted to on the track, but I’m getting off the bike very, very tired. Overall we have found a good setup. The only thing left to do now is fine tune it tomorrow and hope for good weather. Then, if I can just wake up tomorrow feeling better physically, that would be the best, since we still have another goal to reach, the cherry on the top which is the Manufacturer title. It would be the just reward for the team and for all of Aprilia after the celebration of my rider victory in the Italian bedlam of Imola.”
Supersonic Racing Team’s Luca Scassa put in his quickest lap of 1’39.000 to take fourth on the timesheets just 0.144 seconds off the pace of Lanzi. It was a good day

2010 world champ Max Biaggi took third in qualifying and was off Lanzis pace by only 0.116 seconds.
2010 world champ Max Biaggi took third in qualifying and was off Lanzi’s pace by only 0.116 seconds.

for the Italians who took the top-four spots on the provisional front row. Yamaha Sterilgarda’s Cal Crutchlow took fifth and Ducati’s Noriyuki Haga was right behind in sixth. The two are currently fifth and sixth respectively in the championship, and remain separated by only one point.

“An eventful afternoon’s qualifying session,” said Crutchlow. “I had a stupid crash which was my own fault at the start of the session. I ran the softer tire which I didn’t really like and ran into the corner too hot at the hairpin and lost the front. We had a couple of issues to sort then I went back out and went faster and faster every lap to get fifth at the end. I’m confident for the weekend, I think podiums are on the cards. I really want to get a win this weekend before the season is out.” 
Aboard his BMW S1000RR Troy Corser had the seventh-best time and was 0.263 seconds off the pace. The former World Superbike champion was followed by Ducati’s Carlos Checa just 0.019 seconds behind. Rounding out the top-10 were Kawasaki’s Tom Sykes and Alstare Suzuki’s Leon Haslam in ninth and 10th respectively, with Haslam only 0.382 seconds off the pace of Lanzi.

“It was just one of those close lap times days,” said Haslam. “Basically though, today was not so bad and I am happy with the changes the team made from practice to qualifying. We made some adjustments to the gearing and now we need to work on some grip issues because that’s where we were suffering. We need some more time on softer tires so that we can work out which tires we’ll use for the races and we need to get the right set-up. The times are close and really there’s only one split where I’m losing time and that could even be just one corner! So, if we can improve, we’re going to be in the hunt for sure.” 
World Superbike Magny Cours Qualifying Results:
1. Lorenzo Lanzi (Ducati) 1’38.856

Ducatis Michel Fabrizio also finished well during the tight qualifying session and was just 0.071 seconds behind Lanzis fastest lap.
Ducati’s Michel Fabrizio also finished well during the tight qualifying session and was just 0.071 seconds behind Lanzi’s fastest lap.

2. Michel Fabrizio (Ducati) 1’38.927
3. Max Biaggi (Aprilia) 1’38.972
4. Luca Scassa (Ducati) 1’39.000
5. Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha) 1’39.058
6. Noriyuki Haga (Ducati) 1’39.091
7. Troy Corser (BMW) 1’39.119
8. Carlos Checa (Ducati) 1’39.138
9. Tom Sykes (Kawasaki) 1’39.207
10. Leon Haslam (Suzuki) 1’39.238
11. Jakub Smrz (Aprilia) 1’39.260
12. James Toseland (Yamaha) 1’39.360
13. Shane Byrne (Ducati) 1’39.370
14. Sylvain Guintoli (Suzuki) 1’39.431
15. Jonathan Rea (Honda) 1’39.454


Kawasaki’s Katsuaki Fujiwara was the fastest man in Friday’s Supersport qualifying session. By a narrow margin of 0.077 seconds the Japanese rider outpaced Ten Kate Honda’s Kenan Sofuoglu as Fabian Foret completed the top-three times with a lap that was just 0.134 seconds off the pace of the leader.
Triumph rider David Salom took fourth in the books with a time of 1’42.091. Following Salom was Parkalgar Honda’s Eugene Laverty, who was fifth and 0.357 seconds off the pace of Fujiwara. Sofuoglu’s teammate, Gino Rea, posted the sixth-best lap of the day ahead of his other teammate, Michele Pirro. Rounding out the top-10 times were Kawasaki motocard.com’s Broc Parkes, Intermoto Czech’s Massimo Roccoli and Ten Kate Race Junior’s Florian Marino. Like the Superbike session, Friday’s Supersport session was a close one with the top-11 riders separated by less than one second.

Kenan Sofuoglus lead in the series has now increased to 16 points ahead of Eugene Laverty.
Championship leader Kenan Sofuoglu was outpaced by Kawasaki’s Katsuaki Fujiwara by 0.077 seconds.

2010 World Supersport Magny Cours Qualifying:
1. Katsuaki Fujiwara (Kawasaki) 1’41.872
2. Kenan Sofuoglu (Honda) 1’41.949
3. Fabian Foret (Kawasaki) 1’42.006
4. David Salom (Triumph) 1’42.091
5. Eugene Laverty (Honda) 1’42.229
6. Gino Rea (Honda) 1’42.240
7. Michele Pirro (Honda) 1’42.424
8. Broc Parkes (Kawasaki) 1’42.467
9. Massimo Roccoli (Honda) 1’42.477
10. Florian Marino (Honda) 1’42.782
11. Mark Aithchison (Honda) 1’42.803
12. Roberto Tamburini (Yamaha) 1’42.919
13. Vittorio Iannuzzo (Triumph) 1’43.140
14. Julien Enjolras (Triumph) 1’43.168
15. Robbin Harms (Honda) 1’43.335