Alpinestars Magnesium Toe Sliders Review

October 13, 2010
Frank Melling
Frank Melling
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alpinestars magnesium toe sliders
The Alpinestars magnesium toe sliders don’t produce sparks while making contact with the road surface, unlike titanium sliders.

There is no question that modern tires are the reason for strong sales of Alpinestars Magnesium Toe Sliders. In the not too distant past, only superstars ground their boots into the tarmac. Now, any half-competent racer, or trackday fan, finds themselves with their boots on the black stuff as a very regular occurrence.

The situation is at its worst in classic racing. Using a classic racing style – it’s the only way I know how to ride – with the latest classic race tires means that it is impossible to get one’s foot high enough not to come into contact with the track.

Toe sliders partially solve this problem. Beginning at the start, you can forget the plastic sliders which come with the boots from new. These will last a couple of corners at best and then it’s your very expensive boots getting worn away.

Alpinestars’ fix is a genuine, race proven, magnesium toe slider which ticks every box. The two critical factors are that the sliders stay in place and that they provide a good feel. In four years, I have never had a toe slider come loose.

alpinestars magnesium toe sliders
Lightweight and aerodynamic, the toe sliders also stay secure while offering great feedback with the road surface.

The feel too is good. The magnesium is not ultra-slippery, and therefore provides good feedback when in contact with the track.

Durability is also good and a pair of sliders will last a whole race meeting – even on a really grippy track.

Finally, they add a real degree of protection to the boot and therefore the very fragile foot inside the boot! In my recent “coming together” with the Donington track, one toe slider was worn badly across its surface and, without a doubt, this saved major damage to my toe.

There is one other, rather cute, benefit. The toe sliders mean that you will become very popular with your area’s wannabee racers. There is always a waiting list for my used toe sliders from owners of sportbikes who neither race nor ride in trackdays but like the kudos of turning up at bikers’ meeting places with completely trashed sliders.
Alpinestars Magnesium Toe Slider Sets are available at Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $19.95

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