BMW K1600GT Reveal at Jay Leno Garage

October 6, 2010
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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2011 BMW K 1600 GT
After the full reveal at Intermot it was time to get some details on the features available on BMW’s new K1600GT.

German motorsports giant, BMW, unveiled its latest sport-touring offerings, the 2012 BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL motorcycles today at the powersports Mecca that is Jay Leno’s garage in Southern California. These motorcycles replace the current Inline Four-powered BMW K1300S and K1300GT.

As promised the new BMW’s sport an ultra high-tech Inline Six engine that showcases the German’s company’s engineering know-how. For more technical information about the engine and sub-systems make sure to check out our 2011 BMW K1600GT First Look and BMW Unveils K1600GT at INTERMOT posts. For this article we’ll feature some of the other specifications that haven’t yet been discussed.

The K1600 GT has been engineered specifically for solo riding. It still offers a passenger seat but it was designed first and foremost to whisk the rider to his destination as quickly and comfortably as possible. The ergonomics are designed to deliver a sportier ride and the seat is more firm which in turn delivers more feedback to what’s happening at the business end of the tires.

2011 BMW K 1600 GT
The K1600GT & GTL comes standard with two removable cases and optional top case for the touring rider but looks just as slick with-out for the weekend ride or every day commute.

2011 BMW K 1600 GTL

Seat height is also adjustable, offering between 30.7 inch or 31.5 inch settings. The rear suspension has been calibrated with firmer damping settings. In terms of aesthetics the engine and the lower body panels are contrasting in color which helps show off the sides of the engine. The GT comes standard with two removable side cases and an optional top case is available to increase cargo capacity.

Where the GT is designed more for sport riding, the GTL is engineered for cross-country touring where comfort is paramount. Seat height has been reduced to 29.5 inches, is much wider and has extra padding. The arrangement of the handlebar and footpegs has been modified to make the bike comfortable to operate for extended periods of time. Other ergonomic improvement including a larger electronically adjustable windscreen and more forgiving rear suspension damping settings.

Both motorcycles share a host of standard features including: xenon headlights (inspired from its car line-up), heated seats/grips, cruise control, 5.7 inch color LCD display, ABS, color-matched and removable side bags, luggage rack, adjustable engine power modes and full LED lighting. Furthermore the GTL adds an advanced, automotive-derived Bluetooth and iPhone compatible audio and communication system (includes SIRIUS Satellite Radio w/ a one year subscription). This is also available as an option on the GT model.

2011 BMW K 1600 GT
Designed with solo riding in mind with ergos offering more feedback to the rider; giving them a full picture of what’s happening through the corners.

Other available options include the adaptive headlight system (moves right or left and up/or down automatically), dynamic traction control, electronically adjustable suspension, central locking system, tire pressure monitor, alarm, and modular GPS that can be neatly integrated into the cockpit of the motorcycle. All of the electronic features can be controlled via the five-way ring controller mounted on the left handlebar. With the controller the rider can work through the LCD menu system and modify each setting without taking their eyes off the road.

Both bikes are claimed to weigh just over 700 pounds ready to ride. The GT makes use of a 6.3-gallon capacity fuel tank where the more touring-oriented GTL gets an extra 0.7-gallon capacity. Despite its weight and increased engine size, BMW claims that both bikes actually deliver greater fuel efficiency than the K1300s. Pricing hasn’t’ been announced on either model, but BMW says that they will begin arriving in dealerships in the U.S. during the spring of 2011. BMW dealers will begin taking orders for the new bikes in January through a pre-sales campaign which allows buyers to “reserve” their machine so they can ride it home as soon as it hits the dealership.