Dunlop MX71 Dirt Bike Tire Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | October 6, 2010
Geomax MX71
Geomax MX71
By making the Geomax MX71 directional, engineers were able to place lugs exactly where needed to maximize straightline and cornering traction.

In 2009 Dunlop launched the Geomax line of motocross tires. Using the name Geo, meaning dirt or earth, and Max, meaning, to the limit. Dunlop has completed its trifecta of top-of-the-line motocross tires with the all-new Geomax MX71. The new knobby is designed for hard terrain and complements the Geomax MX51(intermediate) and Geomax MX31 (soft) giving Dunlop riders compete coverage for every type of dirt.

The Geomax MX71 replaces the old Dunlop 745 and 739. Both of these were pretty good tires in hard-pack conditions, but the new MX71 is designed to meet the specific needs of modern equipment and track designs. Combining the latest engineering technology with countless hours of on-track testing and racing with factory race teams, Dunlop has designed this dirt bike tire from the ground up, starting with the carcass.

The MX71 incorporates a ply of high-density polyester cord engineered and positioned at an angle to strengthen the side wall. What does that mean? Well, you’re able to run a little less air pressure in the rear, resulting in a larger footprint and better traction. Low tire pressure has its drawbacks, but by utilizing a stiffer carcass than previous generations, the MX71 cuts back on tire roll and squirm.

A hard track tire used to shred up or chunk rather quickly, especially with the power of a 450. Like its siblings, the MX71 has its own Geomax Reinforced Pattern and uses proprietary compounding technology with a blend of nylon and polyester. The tires have a wider dimension (see conversion chart) with asymmetrical block patterns. By placing knobs exactly where needed on every location of the tire, engineers were able to maximize traction during acceleration and braking.

The rear tire features the “Double Tornado Wave.” This pattern design enhances cornering grip and slide control with better acceleration traction. Just off center are the “camber traction knobs,” which are responsible for leaned-over acceleration. This is an important aspect of the MX71, perfect for roll-on throttle on blue groove. Another benefit of the directional placement and tailored tread compound are a longer life on the edge of your knobs and a resistance to chunking. Wide bases on each knob and a tie-bar connection with other blocks help keep from roosting knobs right off the back tire.

Cross-stitched block placement on the front tire help with cornering traction, plus give the rider consistent feedback when it does break loose and start to skid. The front tire has recessed biting edges on every knob and the rear has them on each shoulder block.

Geomax MX71Ryan Dungey took his sixth win of 2010 after leading every lap of the main event to finish 5 seconds ahead of Chad Reed.
Dunlop uses a cross-stitched block pattern on the front to help give a consistent, planted feel, which Ryan Dungey uses to wrap up Supercross titles.

The MX71 is the right choice for a hard-packed track. It crosses over and performs well on intermediate terrain as well. We got plenty of both during our test at Glen Helen. The tires, front and rear, performed well on our Kawasaki KX450F. Even with loamier conditions than normal, due to the overcast conditions, the new MX71 combo handled the dirt just fine. Twelve pounds of air in both tires worked best on the fast Glen Helen layout. The front carved and planted very pleasantly. One thing I liked most about and the rear was how predictable the bite was, even when trying to hit the dry, slippery lines whenever possible.

I was pleased with the performance and the technology makes sense to me. After a day of riding at GH, there are no complaints about the tire other than when I hit deep loam or mud in the heavily watered areas. Obviously, a more aggressive tire would hook up better, but in racing those spots are going to show up. This tire combination was built with input from top-level Supercross riders and specifically targets that type of racing surface. When wondering what to mount on your bike, race proven performance is always a good choice. I would have no problem running them on my personal bike – this tire is Damon Huffman-approved. 

Dunlop Geomax MX71 Rear Tire – MSRP $52-118
Dunlop Geomax MX71 Front Tire –  MSRP $45-98
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