LACR Motocross Track Shuts Down

October 1, 2010
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Red Bull Honda team manager  Eric Kehoe  15   takes his turn battling with David Knight  101  in one of the fast-guy races.
After 25 years serving the motocross racing and riding communities, Los Angeles County motocross racetrack shuts down for good.

All good things must eventually come to an end. This, in essence, is the fate of Los Angeles County Raceway (LACR). Wednesday, September 29, was officially the final day of open practice before the motocross track closes for good at the end of the month.
LACR has been a staple racetrack in Southern California since 1985. Many California riders grew up blasting around LACR – a track that has morphed over the last 25 years into one of the most entertaining, safe and, most importantly, fun dirt bike tracks in the state. Credit goes to the Barbacovi family who slowly transformed it from a flat, desert-style track to the epic layout it is today.

“It was raw desert when we first got a hold of it,” remembers Jack Barbacovi. “That’s why it’s a rock quarry over there because there are a lot of rocks to mine. It’s like where the Flintstones threw all their dented bowling balls [laughs].”
“We hired a dump truck and a loader and we hauled dirt for days. After a while we had a nice little track that was sandy and not rocky. It was narrow but it was a start. I took a dollar from every person that came into the place and all that money went into purchasing dirt. In the first 10 years I was there I dumped in more than a million tons of dirt. After that I kind of lost track. Over the years we dumped so much dirt that the place elevated by three feet.”

The track continued to improve when Granite Construction began excavation in the late ‘80s. The earth mining created a huge crater-like pit that became integrated as part of the racetrack. This made for some challenging uphill and downhill sections and the ability to create gigantic (yet safe) jumps as you transitioned in and out of the pit.

The unique terrain and soil composition made it a popular motocross racing venue and many races were held here including Troy Lee’s Designs fantastic Day in the Dirt race which we participated in last year. It was also the home track for Barbacovi’s California Racing Club (CRC) series. Barbacovi thought that he and Granite Construction would be able to continue working together until he was informed that it would not be renewing his sub-lease on the land.

LACR hosts the GP and is a favorite for its multiple climbs and long laps.
Big thanks to the Barbacovi family and everyone else who made LACR one of our preferred motocross tracks to ride and race at.

“Over the years they’ve been really good to work with. But now they have other uses for the property,” says Barbacovi. “I have a feeling I know what it is but I don’t want to start rumors. Basically they decided not to renew our lease.”

Although LACR is now nothing but memories, Barbacovi will continue to work in the dirt bike industry through the California Gold Cup Series which runs from January through March and travels to many of the major tracks around Southern California. We wish Jack and his family all the best and thank them for creating such a fun place to ride.

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