Product Peek – Rockhard 3/4 Open Face Helmet

October 12, 2010
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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This picture doesn’t do the Silver Flake of the Rockhard 3/4 Open Face Helmet justice. This thing really shines!

Old school is the new school. There are more builders chopping and bobbing bikes in garages and small shops than ever. Just look at the collective of custom builders known as the Limpnickie Lot. These guys are getting back to the roots of motorcycling, hand-crafting parts and fabricating stuff the good ol’ fashioned way – with blood, sweat and gears. So if you’re rolling around on a hot bobber or throwback chopper, you’re going to need a cool retro lid to go with it. Rockhard Helmet’s American Classics fit the bill.

In particular, Rockhard’s 3/4 Open Face Helmet really caught our attention. Maybe it was the glittering of the Silver Flake paint that mesmerized us, we’re not sure, but we’re really digging this lid. Rockhard did an excellent job of shaping the fiberglass shell so it doesn’t make you look like a chrome-dome. It is tailored as close to head-shape as possible. The top sits right above your brows to allow an unobstructed view of the road and comes with a rear goggle strap with a snap closure. For those looking for a little more protection for their face from road shrapnel, it has five front snaps so you can attach a visor or shield. Best of all, it gets the D.O.T. seal of approval, which means it’s going to give you a fighting chance in case of a hard knock to the head.

With its red and black color scheme, the inside of the helmet looks cool, too. The ear pads are thick, cushy and snap out easily. The pads cut down a considerable amount of outside noise when I tried it on the office, but this is only a product peek after all, so it hasn’t been tested against the howling winds of a 70 mph ride. There’s about a half-inch of Styrofoam padding on the front and back, all covered with a padded liner wrapped in soft nylon. It’s all held together with solid stitching in red thread while the exterior trim that’s visible when you’re wearing the helmet is lined in black synthetic leather. A D-ring closure with a simple-to-snap button ratchets it down securely on your noggin.

Adding to its nostalgic street credibility is its multi-layered clear coat paint in Gold, Silver or Red Flake. You can also opt for tried-and-true Matte Black. But the depth and luster of the metal flake really shines in the sun. It’s no wonder why Rockhard calls this an American Classic – it looks like something straight out of the ‘70s. The Rockhard 3/4 Open Face Helmet comes in sizes from small to 2XL and has an attractive sticker price of $99.99.

Seems like we’re not the only fans of this vintage-styled lid. Kevin B. out of Austin, Texas, had this to say on the Motorcycle Superstore website, “Hands down, this is one of the best-looking cruiser/vintage helmets out there.” We agree, Kevin B., we agree.

Rockhard Helmet’s American Classics – 3/4 Open Face Helmet
MSRP $89.99 – $99.99