2010 Bercy Supercross Results

November 22, 2010
Matt Davidson
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Justin Barcia became one of the youngest winners of the Bercy Supercross event at 18-years-old.

After three nights of heated racing action in France, American Justin Barcia snagged the “King of Bercy” Supercross title. Barcia scored a pair of race wins over the course of the weekend, narrowly outpacing fellow countryman, Kyle Chisholm, who finished second in the series. Meanwhile, France’s own Cedric Soubeyras rounded out the podium after finishing sixth in the final race at the Omni Sports Palace.
The competition began with Barcia clenching the win on the first night ahead of KTM’s Marvin Musquin and Chisholm. Barcia and France’s Gautier Paulin were the major players throughout much of the first race, but a crash by the Frenchman would deny the home country from striking first blood. In the end the opening race claimed many riders as Max Anstie, Ken de Dycker, Grant Langston and Greg Aranda all went to the dirt.

Gregory Aranda at Bercy 2010
Frenchman Greg Aranda won Day 2 of the event and finished fourth overall.

On the second night European Supercross Champion, Greg Aranda, capitalized on a strong start and took the victory ahead of fellow countryman, Cedric Soubeyras, and Yamaha’s Chisholm. Unlike the first night, Barcia suffered a terrible start and went off the track after colliding with France’s Fabien Izoird. Musquin, who secured the holeshot in the second race, had a hard landing after the first rhythm section and soon afterward pulled out of the competition. The Frenchman joined a growing list of injured riders, including Langston with a dislocated hip and Anstie with a broken kneecap. The French crowd was entertained by Barcia’s aggressive tactics while making his way through the field, and he eventually finished fifth behind Paulin.

On the final evening in front of 40,000 spectators Barcia bounced back from Saturday’s performance to take top honors after a heated match. Despite struggling with Cyrille Coulon and Izoird in the elimination heat, Barcia took the holeshot in the main with Chisholm in hot pursuit. The duo chased each other for 15 laps in the main event, and 18-year-old Barcia ultimately took the win and the crown by just one point from Chisholm. Through his victory Barcia became one of the youngest winners ever in Europe’s biggest Supercross event.
2010 Bercy Supercross Results:
1. Justin Barcia, USA (Honda) 1-5-1

Cairoli at Bercy 2010
MX1 World Champion Tony Cairoli had difficulty adjusting to Supercross but still managed a top-five finish in France.

2. Kyle Chisholm, USA (Yamaha) 3-3-2
3. Cedric Soubeyras, FRA (KTM) 4-2-6
4. Greg Aranda, FRA (Kawasaki) 13-1-9
5. Antonio Cairoli, ITA (KTM) 7-13-4
6. Arnaud Tonus, SUI (Suzuki) 8-11-5
7. Gautier Paulin, FRA (Yamaha) 14-4-7
8. Cyrille Coulon, FRA (Suzuki) 16-7-3
9. Fabien Izoird, FRA (Suzuki) 6-12-10
10. Ryan Morais, USA (Suzuki) 9-6-16
11. Ken de Dycker, BEL (Honda) 10-10-12
12. Blake Wharton, USA (Honda) 16-8-8
13. Marvin Musquin, FRA (KTM) 2-16-16
14.Christophe Martin, FRA (Honda) 5-16-16
15. Alexandre Rouis, FRA (Honda) 16-9-16

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