2010 Super-X Launceston Results

November 1, 2010
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Justin Brayton nailed the holeshot in the second race  but shortly afterward hit the deck and finished fourth.
For the second straight round the Americans, headed by Justin Brayton, dominated the podium in the Australasian Supercross series.

US supercross riders Justin Brayton, Josh Hansen and Kevin Windham once again claimed all podium positions in round three of the Monster Energy Super X in Launceston tonight in the always exciting Survival final format.

The Survival format was raced over four, seven lap sprints with the bottom five riders eliminated after each race. It created incredibly exciting racing because series front runners knew the smallest incident could have caused them to be eliminated early and therefore miss out on valuable championship points.

Eventual race winner Muscle Milk / Toyota JGRMX‘s Justin Brayton made it clear he wanted to leave Australia with a win and raced with determination all day entering the finals with the fastest qualifying time. He won three of the four finals with Monster Energy / Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Josh Hansen the only rider to take a win off him in the third race. Hansen once again claimed second place overall and Geico Powersports Cougar Honda’s Kevin Windham came third.

CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Jay Marmont and Rockstar Motul Suzuki’s Jake Moss joined the US contingent in the final sprint. Moss hit his best form of the series and had the fastest lap time of the night, but had an unfortunate fall on the first corner, which put him out of contention and fifth overall. The always consistent Marmont finished fourth.

Hansen still leads the overall points standing with the departing Brayton in second and Marmont third.

Justin Brayton (USA):
“I am excited to go out on top, but it’s a little bittersweet because I would like to stay and race the whole series. I have had such a good time here in Australia and I really hope I can come back and compete here again next year.

“I really want to thank the team at Super X for bringing me out here and for putting on such good events as well as Craig Dack and his team for making me feel right at home.”

Josh Hansen had a strong day at Canberra where he took second place in all three motos.
Josh Hansen was the only rider who managed a win over Brayton in Round 3 at Launceston.

Josh Hansen (USA):
“I had fun racing tonight. The format was definitely different to what I am used to but I felt good racing and was happy with how I rode. I have been sick all week so I am glad I was able to pull it out of the bag and do well.”

“The bike was good and once again I just want to thank Monster and Kawasaki for making it possible to be racing here.”

Kevin Windham (USA):
“That was a tough race for me and I found the format really tricky. I was really tired at the end and trying to catch my breath to get out there and race. It would have been great to get another win, but I have really enjoyed my time here in Australia. Big thanks to Cougar Honda for all the help they have given me.”

It was a battle between the JDR Motorex KTM and Rockstar Motul Suzuki team riders in the Lites Double Header final, which was raced over 2, 12 lap races with Lawson Bopping taking the overall win, PJ Larsen second and Matt Moss, who had a big crash in qualifying and injured his knee, in third.

JDR Motorex KTM’s Ryan Marmont took the first holeshot with team mate Larsen hot on his heels and taking over on lap four to lead for the whole race. Marmont went down on a berm leaving Rockstar Motul Suzuki team mates, Bopping and Moss, in a close challenge for second and third, but Bopping held on for second.

Marmont grabbed the second holeshot too and sped out to a good lead, but Bopping was closing on him and the pressure eventually caused Marmont to crash on the last turn allowing Bopping to pass for the win.

Moss still maintains the championship lead ahead of Larsen in second and Marmont third.

In the exhibition races Windham won the Super X Eliminator Challenge taking home the $1,000 cash prize and the USA team won the first ever Super X International Relay Challenge. Team USA was made up of Windham, Hansen, Brayton, Alessi and Larsen and Team Australia was Jay Marmont, Cougar Bourbon Thor Honda’s Daniel Reardon, JDR Motorex KTM’s Tye Simmonds and the Moss twins.

Matt Moss got the Aussies off to a great lead in the first race over Larsen then tapped in Simmonds who maintained the lead by holding off Alessi. Brayton and Marmont were up next with Brayton unable to gain enough ground. Hansen and Jake Moss followed with Moss maintaining the lead. Reardon and Windham finished off the race changing the lead numerous times, but after a small slip up from Reardon on the rhythm section, Windham passed him and took the win for the US.

Dylan Long was the dominant winner once again in the Michelin Development Series. Jacob Wright was second and Jake Emanuelli third.

The series now has a week off before round four in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday November 13.
2010 Australasian Supercross Launceston Results:
1. Justin Brayton (Yamaha)
2. Josh Hansen (Kawasaki)
3. Kevin Windham (Honda)
4. Jay Marmont (Yamaha)
5. Jake Moss (Suzuki)

After winning all three motos at Canberra  Hondas Kevin Windam is currently fifth in the 2010 Australasian Supercross Championship.
Kevin Windham’s podium finishes at Launceston allowed him to move up to fourth in the Super-X Championship.

6. Daniel Reardon (Honda)
7. Tye Simmonds (KTM)
8. Todd Waters (Honda)
9. Mile Alessi (KTM)
10. Craig Anderson (Honda)

2010 Pro Open Championship Points:
1. Josh Hansen, 130
2. Justin Brayton, 121
3. Jay Marmont, 106
4. Kevin Windham, 95
5. Daniel Reardon, 92
6. Tye Simmonds, 82
7. Todd Waters, 78
8. Daniel McCoy, 71
9. Jake Moss, 66
10. Lewis Woods, 66
2010 Australasian Lites Launceston Results:
1. Lawson Bopping (Suzuki)
2. P.J. Larsen (KTM)
3. Matt Moss (Suzuki)
4. Robbie Marshall (Yamaha)
5. Ryan Marmont (KTM)
6. Josh Cachia (KTM)
7. Harley Quinlan (Yamaha)
8. Cody Mackie (Kawasaki)
9. Robbie Marshall (Yamaha)
10. Ford Dale (Yamaha)
2010 Pro Lites Championship Points:
1. Matt Moss, 157
2. P.J. Larsen, 140
3. Ryan Marmont, 118
4. Lawson Bopping, 105
5. Cody Mackie, 98
6. Harley Quinlan, 87
7. Josh Cachia, 81
8. Steven Clarke, 79
9. Robbie Marshall, 73
10. Ford Dale, 64

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