Avon VP2 Supersport Tire Comparison Review

November 1, 2010
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Similarly to other tires in Group A the Avon VP2 Supersport features no tread sipes on the shoulder of the rear tire.
Similarly to other tires in Group A the Avon VP2 Supersport features no tread sipes on the shoulder of the rear tire.

Most sport motorcyclists are probably not familiar with the Avon brand. The U.S.-owned tire manufacturer hopes to change all that with its Avon VP2 Supersport road tire. The VP2 is Avon’s top level street/trackday motorcycle tire. At $324.98 for a pair at Motorcycle-Superstore.com, it’s the third-most expensive tire in this comparison.
Upon weighing the front tire on our scale we were surprised to find that at nearly 10 pounds, it was not only the heaviest tire in the A Group but in the entire test. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the rear hoop weighed just one ounce more than the lightest rear tire (Dunlop Q2).
Even though it was the heaviest front, we were amazed by just how much feedback the front tire delivered. At the racetrack it literally felt like you could feel every bump and ripple in the pavement. Engineers seemed to have found a good balance in terms of the tire carcasses rigidity. It delivered a good amount of flex which made day-to-day life on the street much more pleasurable yet it was still stable during high-speed cornering maneuvers. The more rounded shape of the tires was inline with the rest of the A Group. This translated into slightly quicker steering as compared to the B Group tires but it was always predicable.
Considering its premium price tag we were surprised to discover that the tires take a bit of time to get to operating temperature. In fact they heated up slower than some of the B Group tires. Similar to many of the other tires in Group A and B (with the exception of the uniform-compound Pirellis), the Avon makes use of three separate compound zones on both tires.

Waheed prepares to go out on another set of mystery tires  Avon VP2 Supersport  at Willow Springs.
Waheed prepares to go out on another set of mystery tires (Avon VP2 Supersport) at Willow Springs.

At lean traction afforded by the tires was better than the B tires but not quite as good as the rest of the A Group. Drive grip on the center part of the tire also wasn’t as strong as we would have thought considering its price. When loading the front tire during aggressive braking the tire took road punishment well and didn’t move around or do anything funny.
We recorded a best lap time of 1’26.54 at the streets which was just a smidge under the lap time set on the class-leading B Group tire (Bridgestone BT-016). Within its class it trailed at the back of the pack almost a second off from the Bridgestone BT-003RS. At the big track the disparity was even bigger with the Avons more than a second behind the next fastest tire (Dunlop Q2).
The Avons proved to be one of the biggest surprises of this test. They front tire delivers an astronomical amount of road feel and good side grip. Sure they don’t heat up that fast, but it is still acceptable for life on the street or racetrack as long as you exercise some caution for the first few minutes of riding. However, the biggest limiting factor for the Avon is its steep pricing.
“This tire was awesome. The tires took some time to get heat into them. Feel from the front tire was unreal. You could feel every bump and ripple in the pavement. And it turned in more sharply than the C and B Group tires, yet it was predictable. Rear side grip was good and tires, especially the front had a good carcass balance between being too firm and too soft. Drive grip was decent maybe not as good as it should be but side grip was substantially better.”

The Avon VP2 Supersport is available at Motorcycle Superstore.
Front Tire MSRP: $166.97 – $189.50 
Rear Tire MSRP: $233.60 – $273.10

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