Honda V4 Crosstourer Concept Debuts

November 2, 2010
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Honda V4 Crosstourer Concept
The Honda V4 Crosstourer contains a V-Four powerplant with AT features like wire-spoked wheels, large panniers and a tall windscreen.   
Honda V4 Crosstourer ConceptHonda V4 Crosstourer Concept
For now the Crosstourer remains a concept, but looks production ready and would be an intriguing entry in the 1200 adventure-touring class.
The Honda V4 Crosstourer contains a V-Four powerplant with AT features like wire-spoked wheels  large panniers and a tall windscreen.

Honda eyes the 1200 adventure-touring market with the release of its V4 Crosstourer Concept at the Milan Bike Show. The EICMA debut announcement states the new “the V4 Crosstourer Concept will deliver all the fun and excitement of a road sports bike; but with the comfortable upright riding position and manoeuvrability of an adventure machine.”

The new ride shares the V-Four powering the VFR1200F, as well as Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission. Like its VFR sibling, the Crosstourer sources a shaft final drive.

Perking up its AT cred are wire-spoked wheels and tubular crash guards covering the upper fairing. Large panniers adorn the concept model, along with a tall windscreen and small beak-nose.

The new Honda looks production ready. And Honda certainly hints that there’s more V-Four models to come, stating: “The VFR1200F was the first model to utilize the new iconic V4 engine that signified the beginning of the new era in Honda’s engine line-up.”

The new Crosstourer is an intriguing design, and another bike to challenge in the 1200 adventure-touring category, where its engine configuration is unique. 

Check back for more Crosstourer updates as details are made available. Also make sure to check out Big Red’s other EICMA Milan Bike Show debut, the Honda New Mid Concept.

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