RevTech’s Heavy Duty 6-Speed Transmission

November 24, 2010
Courtesy of Custom Chrome
Rev Tech 6 Speed Transmission
RevTech’s left-side drive 6-speed transmission is offered with an optional kick starter.

A Custom Chrome exclusive, the all-new, RevTech 6-speed transmission for Softails is available in right and left-side drive, with your choice of three different finishes – polished, black, and natural.

The left-side drive transmissions are offered with a stock end cover or an optional kicker that has a fully-machined forged aluminum kicker cover and precision-machined shafts with specially-designed ratchet gears. The LSD transmissions feature all-new 356-T6 cast aluminum cases with forged trap doors.

The RSD transmissions feature a forged billet aluminum support plate with a hydraulic clutch cylinder and contemporary styling, a large-diameter outside pulley support bearing, and a gold zinc-coated 32-tooth lightened pulley.
All these transmissions were subjected to independent dyno durability testing by a U.S. company in Texas and were tested for over 120 non-stop hours at extremely high loads, as well as an additional 50,000 shift cycles (10,000 in each gear), and passed easily. The RSD transmissions are designed for custom wide tire builds, and the LSD transmissions fit 90-99 Softails, as well as most custom aftermarket frames.

Note: Installation on 94 and newer models will require a speedometer recalibration unit.

RSD transmission features include:
• Unique new RSD design
• Large 4.30”-diameter outside bearing support for pulley
• Forged outer support plate with hydraulic clutch
• Gold zinc pulley
• Stylish window cutouts

Additional features include:
• Precision-machined, investment cast steel shift forks
• Fully CNC machined steel shift drum
• Cast 356-T6 aluminum cases
• Forged 6061 aluminum trap door
• 2.93:1 first gear
• 2.20:1 second gear
• 1.60:1 third gear
• 1.23:1 fourth gear
• 1.00:1 fifth gear and a 0.88:1 overdrive sixth gear
• 8620H high nickel content chromemoly steel gears
• New increased width gear
• Extra-quiet gear tooth profiles with helical 5th and 6th gears on the left-side drive transmissions