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November 2, 2010
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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What exactly is the new Honda New Mid Concept? Leaks in the run-up to the Milan Bike Show kept pumping a “crossover” concept, and it looks like the Honda New Mid Concept fits the bill.

Honda Mid Concept
Honda’s new mid concept looks more like a high-performance scooter with features like a Dual Clutch Transmission.

“Honda New Mid Concept reinvents the way we look at two-wheeled travel.” So begins the PR announcement of the new machine, rather grandiose predictions. At least style-wise the new concept improves on the DN-01, Honda’s last much-hyped “crossover,” looking more like a high-performance scooter along the lines of the Yamaha T-MAX.
No details are given about the engine displacement, but the New Mid Concept will source the Dual Clutch Transmission which debuted on the VFR1200F. (Check out Honda’s second concept model from Milan – the Honda V4 Crosstourer)

Not a complete step-through design, like a large maxi-scooter, the New Mid Concept does utilize a feet-forward riding position. Eschewing scooter-ish handling are the motorcycle standard 17-inch wheels. More details regarding the new Honda are forthcoming, keep checking back for updates.

Love it or hate it, you have to give Honda some credit for sticking its neck out. It refuses to give up on that elusive “crossover” model that will deliver easy-to-ride motorcycle performance for the masses. The conclusion of its introductory announcement says it all:

“The New Mid Concept from Honda – challenging the way we travel.”

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Honda Mid ConceptHonda Mid ConceptHonda Mid Concept

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