2010 Red Bull Catalina GP Sunday Results

December 6, 2010
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Kendall Norman holeshot the Pro event but gave way to Kurt Caselli.
Kendall Norman (1) led the Pro class at the start but Kurt Caselli (66) immediately pulled out a massive lead.

The $5000 purse GPR Pro race featured three waves (18+, 30+, 40+) and capped off a successful weekend of racing at the 2010 Red Bull Catalina GP. The two-hour race was action-packed with a scrap for the podium positions that lasted from the green flag all the way until the final turn.

After a dominating victory in the HWT A class Sunday morning, factory KTM rider Kurt Caselli used his track knowledge to jump in front early. JCR Honda’s Kendall Norman took the holeshot as the 18+ Pro class headed out as the first wave. It was only a matter of seconds before the reigning WORCS champion snatched the point position away from the defending Baja 1000 champ and it was trouble for the rest of the professional riders as they settled in for a long afternoon. Within two laps the factory KTM rider amassed a nearly 40-second lead with smooth, flowing lines that had his Austrian machine putting maximum power to the ground. Behind him the 30+ and 40+ Pro classes took off and joined in pursuit.

The large number of bikes began to abuse the course in a way it hadn’t seen all weekend. Soft soil degraded into piles of silt and large chuck holes that put a serious challenge to suspension and physical conditioning. It didn’t seem to faze Caselli as he motored through the course. He stood up noticeably more than other riders, gliding across bumps and carrying more speed into corners. As a result he started catching slower traffic in just a few laps around the 5.75-mile layout. Norman, Logan Holladay, Travis Pastrana and Colton Haacker started dicing behind him and the fans cheered the battle at every opportunity. A relatively boring race for Caselli got more interesting on the fifth lap when his engine let go as he came across the straightaway above the motocross track in fifth gear. The race immediately changed tempo as the pack leaders were suddenly in position to win the overall.

Colton Haaker was running down the leaders in the early part of the race  but mistakes cost him a potential win.
Travis Pastrana was able to keep up on his 250 two-stroke... until it blew up.
Colton Haacker whips it over the big tabletop
but Pastrana was railing through the
motocross section as well.

The motocross section was the best spot for spectating and the crowds packed in around the mud hole and the sole triple. The uphill jump quickly became a highlight section as riders competed for the fan’s approval with an impromptu whip contest. Norman threw them down pretty hard, as did Haacker, but Pastrana was obviously the fan favorite. The Nitro Circus star ripped his Suzuki RM250, throwing heelclickers over the triple nearly every lap. The former 125cc Supercross and motocross champion chased Yamaha-mounted Holladay before trading places with Haacker’s Kawasaki. TP was circulating in third when his Suzuki’s engine let go as well.

Sean Collier, riding his 2009 Honda CRF450R privateer Supercross bike, complete with SX suspension settings, slotted in midpack off the start and immediately started working his way forward, coming through his first lap in seventh position. A stalled engine and a crash slowed his initial charge, but the friendly racer put his head down and went to work until he was in contention again, prompting fans to wonder who the hell was “that guy on the Honda.” Collier actually posted the fastest lap time of the finishing riders with an 8:44.1 (Caselli turned an 8:27.4). On Lap 9 he finally put his privateer Honda in front of Norman’s factory JCR bike. The Cinderella story wasn’t going to happen, however as he slipped to second and was never able to regain the lead, despite getting the white flag with only a six-second gap.

Sean Collier is a privateer motocross and Supercross racer. He showed up with his 2009 SX bike and nearly won.
Kendall Norman said this victory ranks at the top of his cool list.
Top: Sean Collier was the surprise rider at the GP. He pushed Kendall Norman (above) until the very end.

Ryan Dudek rolled into the first turn second in his wave of 30+ pros, but the holeshotter Ronnie Renner went a little wide and he was able to bomb down the hill and into the class lead, immediately setting after the young guns. Riding a KTM 350 SX-F, he quickly caught the pack and by the one-hour mark was setting upon the overall leaders. By the last lap he was on the rear wheel of third-place Haacker.

Norman would weather the storm behind him and come across the line for the win. Collier tried valiantly but couldn’t pressure the Baja champion on the final circuit. The same couldn’t be said about the final podium position. Haacker had his hands full with Dudek and the two pounded through the final circuit on a rampage. They were wheel-to-wheel coming the final hill and into the Red Bull finish line arch. Despite coming together and hammering through the last set of silty braking bumps, Haacker held off the KTM rider to make the rostrum.

Dudek easily won his 30+ division in front of David Pingree and Ronnie Renner. Fred Hatch led the 40+ pros into the start on his KTM, but ultimately it would be Kurt Nicoll who took the division victory. Nicoll, also KTM-mounted, was the only rider in the class to post 14 laps. MotoUSA Vet test rider Tod Sciacqua landed second on his 2010 Yamaha YZ450F despite a mid-pack start and some early bobbles. Rick Johnson and Danny LaPorte followed suit with Hatch in fifth.

2010 Red Bull Catalina GP Sunday Results
Race 7
1. Daron Rahlves
2. Vince Gelling
3. Sean Eberz
4. Josh Nunes
5. Robie Peterson

Race 8
1. Kurt Caselli
2. Kendall Norman
3. Jim O’Neal
4. Cory Conner
5. Ryan Penhall

Race 9
125 A:
1. Tracy McIntyre
2. Sam Gaines
3. Phil Holcomb
4. Cameron Brewer

125 B:

Ryan Dudek hammered his way to fourth after starting in the second row. He easily won the 30+ division.
Ryan Dudek came from the second row and nearly podiumed in the 18+ division.

1. Kyle King
2. Jesse Vanhoy
3. Moe Kastari
4. Tyler Rohan
5. John Miller

250 A:
1. Jessy Nelson
2. Jesse Cabe
3. Michael Allen
4. Kevin Dejongh
5. Travis Linvingston

250 B:
1. Kevin Barbosa
2. Nick Stover
3. Jeff Maginn
4. Mark Cernicky
5. Cody Lehman

Race 10
Mini A:
1. Tucker Larrieu
2. Renton Minuto

Mini B:
1. Gordon Keller Jr.
2. Jackson Browner
3. Parker Rusack

Women A:
1. Brooke Hodges
2. Bonnie Warch
3. Nadalie Logan
4. Jennifer Morton
5. Lori Conway

Women B:
1. Gina Alvarez
2. Olivia Rich
3. Lori Prentice
4. Jamie Trulove
5. Ashley Jung

60+ A:
1. Michael Drews
2. Jim O’Neal
3. Steven Snider
4. Terry Davis
5. Mike Wilson

60+ B:
1. Robert Bredin
2. Joe Stidman

70+ A:
1. Ross Termin
2. Roy Watson
3. Don Voyer
4. Steve McLean
5. Robert Scott

70+ B:
1. John Langford
2. Michael Butler Sr.

Race 11
Supermini A:
1. Renton Minuto

Supermini B:
1. Moe Kastari
2. Gordon Keller Jr.
3. Krisian Jimenez
4. Phillip Garcia
5. Dylan Nevins

Youth Mini A:
1. Logan Tweet

Youth Mini B:
1. Hayden Hintz
2. Rafael Orendain
3. James Butte
4. Max Hintz
5. Jessica Gaudet

Micro Mini B:
1. Lennon Lopez
2. Rylan Flynn
3. David Montano

Race 12
Pro 18+:
1. Kendall Norman
2. Sean Collier
3. Colton Haacker
4. Logan Holladay
5. Robert Underwood
6. Joey Hall
7. Jake Oswald
8. Justin Bonita
9. Chase Gaal
10. Andy Bakkan

Pro 30+:
1. Ryan Dudek
2. David Pingree
3. Ronnie Renner
4. Johnny Campbell
5. Robbie King
6. Anthony Grierson
7. Jamie Robinson

Pro 40+:
1. Kurt Nicoll
2. Tod Sciacqua
3. Rick Johnson
4. Danny LaPorte
5. Fred Hatch
6. Jake Vainio
7. Paul Krause
8. Frank Charolla
9. Steve Lawler
10. Larry Gross

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