2010 Tecate Enduro Results

December 13, 2010
Matt Davidson
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Kawasaki at Tecate Enduro
The Kawasaki team of Destry Abbott, Justin Soule, Taylor Robert and Larry Roeseler took the runner-up position in the team competition.

Despite facing tremendous competition from Cory Graffunder and Taylor Robert, Team ZipTy Husqvarna’s Bobby Garrison took first place at the 50th Tecate Enduro event. Consisting of more than 230 riders, the competition took place under ideal conditions with Cory Graffunder and Taylor Robert rounding out the podium in second and third, respectively.
“It was a great experience being back with Kawasaki,” said Robert. “I really thought I had won it, but I’m still happy to get on the podium.”
With the last Tecate Enduro contest being run in 1998 it had been awhile since competitors had gathered for the event. But the return of the enduro proved a major success with the event selling out of its 240-rider limit. Trail conditions were optimal with rain the week before creating awesome soil conditions. This time around Los Ancianos, the group responsible for organizing the event, decided to do away with time keeping and opted for National Enduro rules instead.
While Garrison dominated the overall results, Monster Energy Kawasaki riders Destry Abbott, Justin Soule, Taylor Robert and Larry Roeseler rode to second place in the team competition. In addition to helping his team take second, Abbott clenched the Vet class of the event and fifth overall despite being extremely sick throughout the competition.
“This was one of the most enjoyable races I’ve done in a long time,” said Abbott. “I think it would have been more fun if I wasn’t sick, but I really like the terrain down there. It was a lot of second and third gear stuff, which I really like. The dirt is really great. It was really about having fun and even though I was sick, it was a great experience.”

First time Tecate Enduro competitor Justin Soule may have been sick like his teammate, Abbott, but that didn’t stop the 21-year-old from finishing sixth overall.
“If the results were based on the first two tests, I would have probably done a lot better, but my energy was shot after that,” said Soule. “I had a really good time experiencing something new and different. The course was fun. I just wish I was feeling 100 percent.”

Destry Abbott
Destry Abbott finished fifth overall and took first in the Vet class despite being sick throughout the competition. 

Five-time Tecate Enduro winner Larry Roeseler was also on hand to help the Kawasaki team place second, and rode to a second-place finish in the Senior class.
2010 Tecate Enduro Overall Results:
1. Bobby Garrison (Husqvarna)
2. Cory Graffunder (Husqvarna)
3. Taylor Robert (Kawasaki)
4. Charlie Mullins (KTM)
5. Destry Abbott (Kawasaki)
6. Justin Soule (Kawasaki)
7. Jordan Brandt (KTM)
8. Ryan Powell (KTM)
9. Ty Davis (Husqvarna)
10. Ivan Ramirez (KTM)

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