2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited First Look

December 23, 2010
Matt Davidson
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2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited
The 2011 Limited Edition Spyder RT comes in Pearl White and features several new additions/modifications for long-distance touring such as travel bags and electronically adjusted rear suspension. 
2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

There’s little doubt that the three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder has become a major hit with consumers. Offering superb stability and handling with the benefits of open-air riding, the Spyder’s unique design has undergone a series of revamps each year. Following three successful years of production and after the latest release of the 2010 Can-Am Spyder RT touring roadster, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) has revolutionized its already unique machine once again with the release of its Spyder RT Limited Edition roadster for 2011.
The ‘10 Roadster Touring model offered the public an ideal vehicle for traveling the highway, but the 2011 RT Limited Edition Roadster ups its levels of luxury and comfort. With an integrated color Garmin GPS system, semi-rigid travel bags and a Pearl White color scheme the latest model will give riders the feeling of being in a sports car with the freedom of open-air riding. The Y-architecture of the three-wheel set-up in addition to anti-lock brakes, traction control and an advanced Vehicle Stability System combine to make the riding experience on the roadster safe but thrilling.
“Listening and responding to the feedback of our consumers and dealers is an important part of who we are at BRP,” said Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager, North America division. “The rapidly growing group of Can-Am Spyder owners and dealers are not shy about sharing their ideas and suggestions, and our product development team put their feedback at the heart of the 2011 Spyder roadsters.”
At the center of the roadster’s design is the Rotax 991 electronically fuel injected V-Twin. Capable of  a claimed 100 hp and 80 lb-ft. of torque at 5000 rpm, the machine is powerful enough to haul a full load while making passes. The RT Spyder also comes with cruise control as an added comfort and most models are available with a five-speed semi-automatic electronic transmission that changes gears with the press of a button. Dynamic power steering is available to assist with the Spyder’s handling at different speeds. One of the

2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited
The Garmin GPS unit (above) is fully integrated into the Spyder’s audio system, and custom fit travel bags (below) allow items to be transported safely with ease.2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

best features to come standard on the 2011 RT and RT Limited is an electronically adjusted rear suspension which allows riders to control preload settings on a variety of cargo/passenger configurations.

Designed to be a comfortable long-distance cruiser, the 2011 Spyder RT puts the rider in an upright riding position while providing excellent wind protection. If the 41-gallon storage capacity is not enough, the optional RT-622 trailer option adds another 165 gallons. The trailers are conveniently available in matching color schemes and the Vehicle Stability System aboard the RT is capable of compensating for the addded weight. BRP has also incorporated multiple improvements in the front suspension of the 2011 RT model which reduces body roll while cornering.

The handlebar-mounted Garmin Zumo 660 GPS unit is fully integrated with the Roadster’s audio system, allowing turn-by-turn instructions to be heard through the bike’s speakers. The GPS unit is also removable for storage while not being used. Four custom-fit travel bags adorn the front, rear and side cargo compartments to make long-distance travel easier while an embroidered seat puts the final touch on the Spyder RT Limited feature package.

The RT Limited edition will be one of six available options for the 2011 Can-Am Spyder lineup. Also in the line up are the Spyder RT, Spyder RT-S, Spyder RT Audio & Convenience, Spyder RS and Spyder RS-S.

2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited with trailer
The RT-622 trailer is available in matching colors and adds a whopping 165 gallons of storage for hardcore travelers.

Those who wish for a slightly edgier design should opt for the 2011 Spyder RS-S version, which presents more aggressive styling than the standard RT or RS models. Several new color options will also be available in ‘11 on the RT and RS models, with Viper Red becoming available on the RT-S edition.

“When you’re riding any Spyder roadster model, you can feel the excitement its design generates with people all around the world,” said Chris Dawson, vice-president and general manager, International division. “Our designers are constantly working on new colors, trims and accessories that will keep that intense emotional connection people have with the Spyder; it can be seen in the new look of the RS-S and elegance of the RT Limited models.”

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