2011 Honda CBR250R Media Introduction Night

December 13, 2010
Ryan Merrill
Ryan Merrill
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Honda CBR250R media night at Sangria in Hermosa Beach  CA.
2011 Honda CBR250R Media Intro at Sangria resaurant in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Honda invited Motorcycle USA out to a special evening introduction at Sangria restaurant in downtown Hermosa Beach, California to learn more about its new 2011 Honda CBR250R. Media was greeted with good food, drinks and a live acoustic performance from popular musician Kelley James, who recently has become a motorcycle enthusiast himself.

Honda is hoping to create some buzz about a new model it believes will appeal to entry-level riders of all ages. The CBR250R presents an unintimidating machine designed to instill confidence to someone with little or no riding experience. With this in mind Honda showcased the recent experience of Kelley James and his band mates attending a Honda Riding Training Center in Colton, California aboard the new CBR250R. Never riding a motorcycle in his life, James and his band expressed their point of view and explained how easy this new CBR was to ride as they gained confidence once learning how to properly use the motorcycles clutch, brakes and throttle.

“I just rode the CBR250R for the first time and I actually just passed my rider education classes and got on this thing and was blown away. I really didn’t know what to expect thinking it would be similar to the big style bikes we sort of started learning on at first, but this thing was so smooth and I was really able to feel everything it was doing. I was just so shocked how nicely it rode,” said James.

Honda has built and designed this CBR with the young entry-level rider in mind and included features based on focus groups and market studies.

Singer James Kelly belts out a custom acoustic song on stage at Sangria during the 2011 CBR250R media night.
Musician Kelley James belts out a song on stage at Sangria during the 2011 CBR250R media night.

A lower seat height, sitting at 30.5 inches, along with a curb weight of 359 pounds fully fueled makes this bike extremely light and easy to handle for any size rider – something I noticed right away. A smooth power delivery and responsive throttle comes from a modern 249cc single-cylinder 4 valve head, dual overhead cam engine that was built specifically for this bike. Other features include a six-speed transmission providing a broad range of power, programmed fuel injection (PGM – FI) that continuously monitors fuel mixture for maximum performance and fuel efficiency. A 3.4 gallon fuel tank allows for 200-plus miles of cruising and a multi-function digital instrument panel that includes speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature and fuel gauge displays along with clock, odometer and trip meter. Price for the new CBR comes in at $3,999 for the base model (identical to the class-dominating Ninja 250R) with an optional ABS equipped model priced at $500 more. (Take a peek at the 2011 Honda CBR250R First Look).

Honda is hoping with its affordable price tag and fun appeal that this new machine will be the right product for the right time. The message being sent is that this bike will be the gateway product for new found riders who are looking to purchase for the first time. James is just such an example of a new rider who is young hip and exemplifies the market for the new CBR. As the press night came to an end, the sound of Kelley singing filled the room. The blues rock acoustic vibe was a similar style to that of Jack Johnson but kicked up a notch. In the end it was a fun filled night to build the anticipation for the new Honda CBR. And as for myself becoming a street rider, I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

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