2011 National Hare and Hound Series Coming

December 20, 2010
Courtesy of NHHA
With 2010 in the books, and its first successful season of partnership with the AMA, the NHHA has been feverishly working behind the scenes to make 2011 one for the record books. Many changes have been made to help improve the look and appeal of the 2011 Hare and Hound experience and with that, a new effort to bring together the riders of the National Hare and Hound Series.
National Hare and Hound Association

Most exciting is the addition of the 10th round to the series. The only new round for 2010, WSRA will host a May round in the desert east of Reno, Nevada. With details to follow, the round will be hosted by a past National Enduro and National Hare Scrambles host club. Look to www.NationalHareandHound.com for details on the exciting new round for the 2011 season.
As the series continues to expand, and ridership continues to grow, the contingencies keep on rolling into the office of NHHA Promotions Manager, Chris Blais. “Our package has just grown to be something that the Off-Road Community can really benefit from. All I hear about is how loyal our riders are to the companies who are supporting the series, and these companies just continue to be excited about providing sponsorship through both product and contingency certificates.” – Chris Blais, NHHA Promotions Manager.
For 2011, Kenda will be returning as the title sponsor of the series, and joining them as series sub-sponsors will be FMF and FASST Co. Coming back to the series for the first time in nearly three years, FMF comes back to a series that it has always been deeply involved with. Through product give-aways at each of the 10 rounds, FMF will continue to set the bar high as far as the return to the rider is concerned. Returning for his second season in a row, Cole Townsend from FASST Co. will also be at each of the 10 rounds. With a dedication to helping the average rider get more of the “factory supported feel”, Cole will continue to be on hand at each of the events providing support and service to those riders who are running the Fasst Flex Handlebars.
In addition to the above mentioned sponsors, look for contingencies from the following companies in 2011: Alpinestars, Bullet Proof Designs, BRP, Dirt Tricks, Fluidyne, MadJack Racing/Amsoil, RB Components, Rekluse, RTT Stabilizer, TBT Suspension, Works Connection, & ZLT.
Along with that are the OEM Contingencies from: Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, & Husqvarna.

What’s in a Number?
One of the recurring issues with the National Hare and Hound Series has been the lack of uniformity within its numbering system. With each of the organizations having a different numbering system it is difficult for riders to identify themselves as a series rider, when they have actually raced more than one event.
As a solution to the obvious lack of a good numbering program, the NHHA has created a numbering system for all NON-EARNED-NUMBERED racers. An Earned-Numbered-Racer is someone who has competed in the 2010 season, and scored enough points in any of the “A-Classes” to finish within the Top 20 of their respective class. The earned numbers can only be used for competition in the same class, and are not eligible to be used if the “A Rider” is switching classes for 2011. *See Attached list of earned 2011 numbers below.
For those of you who haven’t earned an “A-Class Number,” recognition will be given in the form of an assigned series number. Pre-printed numbers/backgrounds will be provided at each of the 10 rounds. Once you have been issued a number, you will be allowed to retain that number for the remainder of the 2011 season. Because only “A-Classes” provide earned numbers, these issued numbers will be provided on a first come, first served basis and will be issued in numeric order. These numbers will only be issued one time, and if a rider fails to return to a later round with their assigned number, a new number will be assigned to them.
The NHHA pre-printed numbers will feature the NHHA Logo, and will be of ample quality to survive through each of the 10 rounds.
Local rider only? No Problem.
Local riders will not be required to run a National pre-printed number, and can instead decide between either their earned local or assigned National number. The NHHA will work with each of the local racing organizations to ensure that there is no numbering issue with duplicate numbers.
All numbers are subject to approval by the NHHA Scoring Staff, and will be assigned ON LOCATION ONLY. For more information on the NHHA Numbering program, look to www.NationalHareandHound.com

All earned “A-Class” numbers must be run in accordance to the AMA National Hare and Hound numbering guidelines. Black backgrounds with white numbers must be used, and each number must start with the correct Uppercase “N,” followed by the earned number, and finally followed by the class identifier in upper case at half the height of the preceding N and earned number.
Example: N1, N1M, N1R, N1A

The following riders will be allowed to run an earned number in 2011:

Pro – Red Background with White Number

Kendall Norman         1
David Kamo                 2
David Pearson            3
Destry Abbott              14
Jacob Argubright       911
Justin Imhof                 6
Nicholas Burson         7
Gary Sutherlin              8
Ryan Kudla                  9
Robert Underwood   10
Quinn Cody                11
Brett Saunders          12
Morgan Crawford      13
Shawn Strong           TBA
Justin Morrow            15
Kurt Caselli                66

A Class – Black Background with White Number
251-Open A

Cameron Corfman N1
Colton Sanders N4
Colton Udall N5
Christian Questad N6
Josh Mott N7
Jason Clarke N8
Nicholas Blais N9
TJ Hannifin N10
Ryan Abbatoye N11
Bobby Garrison N12
Clay Davies N13
Anthony Vasquez N14
Robert Fouts N15
Brad Pace N16
Erek Kudla N17
Brenden Ritzman N18
Cory Graffunder N19
Dustin Walcher N20

126-205 A

Craig Sanders N2x
Chance Wyllie N3x
Joshua Smith N4x
Christopher Jones N5x
Bob Roberts N6x
Lane Buchert N7x
Tony Gera N8x
Brandon Green N9x
Andrew Vandenberg N10x
Ryan Hanna N11x
Kevin Dejongh N12x
Levi Hutchins N13x
Shane Watts N14x
Travis Livingston N15x
Skyler Howes N16x
Travis Wood N17x
Nicholas Hamill N18x
Shay Davies N19x
Cory Rolin N20x

86-125 A

Ryan Smith N1A
Cordis Brooks N2A
Brad Pace N3A
Phil Holcomb N4A
Matt Kearney N5A

Vet 30 + A

Craig Smith N1v
Steve Roberts N2v
Luke Dodson N3v
Brian Sweany N4v
Jayson Densley N5v
Dan Capparelli N6v
Kelly Fisher N7v
Kelly Hill N8v
Brandon Wright N9v
Shawn Myers N10v
Robert Longenecker N11v
Scott Fisher N12v
Shane Nerdin N13v
Russ Wester N14v
Jason Coqbill N15v
Sean Hasting N16v
Truman Jackson N17v
Shawn Kelley N18v
Allan Phillips N19v
Chris Brown N20v

Senior 40 + A

Mark Weirich N1s
Don Grassmann N2s
Christopher Mast N3s
Chilly White N4s
David Klein N5s
Michael Whitcomb N6s
Mark Hegel N7s
Mark Weaver N8s
Brett Hoffman N9s
William Paolino N10s
Paul Krause N11s
Kenneth Durr N12s
Gary Lacharite N13s
Robby Kennedy N14s
Paul Vautrain N15s
Stephen Schultz N16s
Jake Vainio N17s
Travis Epperson N18s
Rob Zobell N19s
Dean Manuel N20s

Super Senior 50+ A

Brent Battin N1M
John Kearney N2M
Bill Boyer N3M
Kevin Galvin N4M
Steve Williams N5M
Keith Dejongh N6M
Robert Koch N7M
James Miller N8M
Kevin Hasten N9M
Bred Medico N10M
Bill Sharpe N11M
Ken Krause N12M
Kip Wood N13M
Roger Clapp N14M
Jim Morris N15M
Rodney Roderick N16M
James Townsend N17M
Matt Schweitzer N18M
Wyatt Foss N19M
Don Grahn N20M

Masters 60+ A

Dale Parriott N1R
Frank Brewer N2R
Arthur Donoho N3R
Rickert Hagg N4R
Terry Flynn N5R
John Roberts N6R
Don Christie N7R
Ronald Kenyon N8R
John Heltz N9R
Bill Maxim N10R
Kerry Chartier N11R
Jack Morin N12R
Don Voyer N13R
Steve Freeman N14R
Ronald Hetherington N15R
Mike Carson N16R
Tom Holmes N17R
Mark Burgess N18R
Larry Barlage N19R
David Hunt N20R

Womans 86-open A/B
Joanna Kaczmarek N1L
Shayla Fulfer N2L
Sarah Kritsch N3L
Olivia Rich N4L
Tresa Worrell N5L
Sarah Whitmore N6L
Jannean Sapp N7L
Chrissy Crager N8L
Tracy Kennelley N9L
Kelly Barbosa N10L
Lesha Kubacki N11L
Shannon Back N12L
Christie Wilkes N13L
Eszter Smith N14L
Raynell Strong N15L
Chelsey Wornell N16L
Lori Prentice N17L
Heather Jolley N18L
Talisa Flitton N19L
Dawnell Unsworth N20L


Kyle Penner N1Q
Steve Carver N2Q
Blane Vadasy N3Q
Ryan Wilson N4Q
Shawn Bigney N5Q
Robert Rubin N6Q
Andy Lagzdins N7Q
Robbie Cockrell N8Q
Roberto Ruiz N9Q
Josh Caster N10Q
Jeff Hoskins N11Q
Wayne Matlock N12Q
Lee Ramont N13Q
Travis Dillon N14Q
Thom Wolfsen N15Q
Eric Pealsrom N16Q
Danny Prather N17Q
Steve Peters N18Q
Joshua Swarthout N19Q

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