Low & Mean to Offer Star Stryker Accessories

December 15, 2010
Courtesy of Low & Mean
The factory-custom styling of the Stryker looks right at home cruising the boulevard at night.
Low & Mean is always one of the frontrunners for cool aftermarket parts for metric cruisers. It currently is working on a line of accessories for the 2011 Star Stryker.

The new Yamaha Star Stryker will be turning heads on highways all across America in 2011 with its unique custom look and affordable price tag. Available in Raven Black, Impact Blue and Reddish Copper, the bike’s long and low chopper-style lines make it a standout in the showroom and on the road. The real beauty of the Yamaha Star Stryker, however, is in its advanced suspension and 1304cc V-Twin eight-valve engine that offers exceptional power for uphill climbs and superior shock absorbing capability to even out the bumpy road and make every ride a pleasure. Powerful brakes and a rock-solid five-speed transmission ensure that riders get where they are going safely and in style.

For a truly custom look, Yamaha Star Stryker owners can turn to the motorcycle experts at Low and Mean for aftermarket add-ons that are designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of the bike while retaining its unique style and flavor. All the aftermarket parts available from Low and Mean are designed to mesh seamlessly with the manufacturer’s design and provide added visual interest to the bike. Low and Mean’s sales and manufacturing staff members are bike enthusiasts and as a result care just as much about the look and ride of the bikes they enhance as the owners themselves; they will design the perfect aftermarket add-ons to suit both bike and owner. With the addition of quality accessories from Low and Mean, the Yamaha Star Stryker can knock out the competition in terms of style.

One expert in knockout performances is Ultimate Fighter Champion Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez. As a master of mixed martial arts, Sanchez has proven his skills time and again against a wide range of opponents, while as one of the brightest stars in the Ultimate Fighting Championship competition Sanchez puts his talent on the line for his fans. When he’s not in the ring, Sanchez enjoys long rides on his Yamaha Star Stryker; the beauty of nature combines with the smooth, high-performance bike to create the perfect mood for contemplation and reflecting on the challenges Sanchez faces in competition and in life.

A custom Yamaha Star Stryker will be featured at the upcoming New York Progressive International Motorcycle Show in January 2011; this follows on the heels of an appearance in Austin, Texas to introduce the Yamaha Star Stryker to an enthusiastic crowd of reviewers and members of the press. By customizing the Yamaha Star Stryker with the help of Low and Mean, owners can enjoy the slickest looking bike on the streets for less than they might have guessed.

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