Malcolm Smith Signed Strider PREbike Auction

December 1, 2010
Courtesy of Hot Shot News
Malcolm Smith autographed Strider PREbike
Malcolm Smith autographed Strider PREbike

On Sunday December 05, 2010 enthusiasts have an opportunity to support the Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation, a non-profit organization which funds an orphanage in Mexico, by bidding on a red or yellow Malcolm Smith autographed Strider PREbike.

The Strider PREbike is a revolutionary new learning vehicle for 1-5 year old children. Besides providing great fun and exercise, the Strider also teaches steering, balance, and co-ordination while children learn to ride on TWO wheels earlier and faster than with the use of tricycles or training wheels. In this holiday season, it is an ideal gift for your youngest moto enthusiast. And since it’s signed, it’s a collector’s item for the young and old rider alike.

The Strider PREbike is engineered in the United States and is the bike of choice for young riders. With its welded steel frame and EVA polymer, puncture-proof tires, a Strider™ is capable of handling off-road adventures on grass, dirt, gravel, and even mud puddles! Now junior can hang with the big riders on or off road.

“This is an ideal way to get a little enthusiast riding, to own a very unique Strider and to help out some little kids in Mexico who’ve had a really tough start in life,” said Ryan McFarland — inventor of the Strider PREbike “It’s a perfect way to celebrate the holidays… bid generously because it’s for a great cause.”

Spark your child’s love for riding on two wheels by bidding on either the red or the yellow bike auction:

The entire proceeds from both eBay Strider auctions go directly to the Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation.

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