Motorcycle Holiday Gift Guide: Boots

December 15, 2010
By Motorcycle USA Staff
Alpinestars Shibuya Canvas Shoes
The Alpinestars Shibuya Canvas shoes (above) are lightweight and ventilated while the Alpinestars Shibuya WP Leather shoes (below) offer great protection against the cold.Alpinestars Shibuya WP Leather Shoes

For motorcycle enthusiasts proper footwear is an absolute must. Taking into account both comfort and protection our editors have generated a nifty guide for the holidays to help our readers land the best kicks the industry has to offer.

Alpinestars Shibuya Canvas Shoes/Alpinestars Shibuya WP Leather Shoes
Motorcycle hipsters looking for casual riding footwear will appreciate Alpinestars’ Shibuya shoe. The shape and exterior profile are inspired by kicks worn by kids in Japan. It is devoid of any gaudy logos or graphics and cinches up with a standard lace set-up that is cleverly recessed, which keeps them from loosening while riding or walking. The high-top shoe is constructed from various materials based on climate. For summer conditions the Alpinestars Shibuya Canvas Shoe is the hot ticket with its excellent ventilation. Contrarily, in cold wet weather the Alpinestars Shibuya Waterproof Leather Shoe or recently released Alpinestars Fatlace Shibuya will keep your feet warm and dry. In terms of protection, the sole features a nylon shank which protects the bottom of the rider’s foot from impacts. There is also integrated ankle protection. – Adam

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The Alpinestars Shibuya Canvas Shoes and Alpinestars Shibuya WP Leather Shoes are available at Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $139.95 – $169.95

Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots 

Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots feature a Dual Flex System that allows easy forward and backward movements while giving solid ankle protection. 

Sidi introduced a new wave of colors for its top-shelf Crossfire SRS motocross/off-road boot. Our set for the year was the blue/black version which went with multiple sets of gear combinations and bikes. SRS stands for “sole replacement system” and even though we’ve worn them on multiple tests throughout the riding season, we’re not even close to needing a new sole. In fact, the entire boot is in pristine condition. A dual flex system allows for comfortable ankle pivoting that doesn’t wear the materials. Abundant use of plastic makes the boots ultra durable yet retains a high level of feel on the controls. Don’t even get me started on the cam-lock buckles – sheer perfection. The fit is superb, particularly the slim toebox, and adjustable/replaceable components all over mean this boot will last for years. – JC
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The Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots are available at Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $500

Sidi Adventure Rain Boots
The Sidi Adventure Rain Boots feature a cam-lock buckle system along with a water resistant membrane to keep the elements out.

Sidi Adventure Rain Boots 
Adventure riding has the potential for the greatest variety in conditions of any motorcycle activity. From freezing mud to blistering pavement, ADV riders are likely to encounter it all at some point. Footwear is one of the most important pieces of gear a rider can own, and making sure it can handle any situation is key to a successful ride. The Sidi Adventure Rain boots are waterproof, comfortable-yet-rigid and feature cam-lock buckles and Velcro closure. The soles are soft rubber with an aggressive tread pattern for grip on the pegs or in the dirt. Cambrelle lining is comfortable and keeps the feet dry from the inside with a slim, non-bootie profile. A hinged ankle pivot avoids binding and allows natural movement when walking off the bike. – JC

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The Sidi Adventure Rain Boots are available at Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $375

Shift Kicker Street Shoe

Shift Racing Kicker Shoes
With a speed-lace system and reinforced midsoles for strength on the footpegs, Shift’s Kicker shoes are ideal for riding. 

I’ve got my favorite riding boots, but the Shift Kicker Street Shoe has been my go-to option for casual rides and work commutes. The Kickers are all about comfort and convenience, yet deliver some purpose-built riding features. The rubber top of the toe area is grippy for the shift lever and durable. The Kickers have proven pretty breathable too, adding to the comfort factor. My favorite trait: they are super easy to pull on and lace up, then cinch down the ankle strap – no Velcro to mess with. They are even easier to kick off. Get it, kick… Cheap puns aside, I’ve enjoyed wearing the Shift Kickers for a good portion of the 2010 riding season. I look forward to wearing them in 2011 as well. The $130 price tag is a skosh steep, but that’s why you’re getting them as a gift. Be generous Scrooge! – Bart

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The Shift Kicker Street Shoes are available at Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $129.95

Icon Super Duty 4 Boot

Icon Super Duty 4 Boots
Durable leather and a footpeg interface arch make Icon’s Super Duty 4 Boots great both on and off the bike.

I appreciate the way Icon is able to make slick-looking footwear that is durable when riding but comfortable when you’re off the bike. Not everybody wants to lug around an extra pair of shoes to change into once they arrive at their destination, and some full-length boots will rub your feet raw after a day of stomping around a rally. Enter Icon’s Super Duty 4 Boots. The four signifies it’s the fourth generation of this footwear which means Icon has this style dialed in. The Super Duty’s are a three-quarter boot with slip resistant rubber soles, durable leather uppers and thick padding around the ankles. They’re not steel-toed, but feel like they are. Little nubs are creatively placed right at the contact points with the shift lever. They lace up the front and have a support strap with an aluminum buckle placed mid-foot. This not only helps them fit snug but keeps your laces from ending up in the chain or belt. Icon’s Super Duty 4 Boots are comfortable enough to walk around in all day and look sharp enough to wear for a night out on the town. You can’t find too many boots that are as versatile and rugged as these for only $90. – Bryan

The Icon Super Duty 4 Boots are available at Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $90

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