STAR School Announces 2011 Schedule

December 28, 2010
Courtesy of STAR Motorcycle School
Two-time AMA Champion Jason Pridmore’s STAR Motorcycle School has released its schedule for 2011. “We’re going to every corner of the U.S. in 2011, from New Jersey to Florida, and Oregon to California,” said Jason. “We’re doing more school days than in 2010, and we’re going to some new tracks like Blackhawk Farms and some old favorites like MotorSport Ranch in Texas.”

STAR Motorcycle School

“We’re doing seven National Guard days, which I’m really excited about,” continued Jason. “We ran our first military school in September of last year at Topeka and it was great. The school is something that the military needs, and we can provide a more street-based instruction and apply that at the track, adding different drills that tailor the program to the National Guard members.”

“We’ve also got our new 1 On 1 program, where a maximum of two students work with me and one other instructor per day at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Our 1 On 1 schools are for people who want to get every question answered in a more exclusive atmosphere. From the start of the day to the end there is one on one interaction, video and dry erase board communication. Lunch is also included and on Saturday night all weekend participants get together for a nice dinner at Fantasy Springs Casino. Also included is a two-day STAR School of choice so the student can come and work on their skills that they learned at the 1 On 1 school.”

Dates                         Track                                                                 Location                                             Type
March 5-6                  Chuckwalla Valley Raceway                         Desert Center, CA                             1 On 1
March 21-22             Thunderhill Raceway Park                            Willows, CA                                         STAR
March 23                   Thunderhill Raceway Park                            Willows, CA                                         Pro Day
April 2-3                     Chuckwalla Valley Raceway                         Desert Center, CA                             1 On 1
May 2-3                      Chuckwalla Valley Raceway                         Desert Center, CA                             STAR
May 4                          Chuckwalla Valley Raceway                         Desert Center, CA                             National Guard
May 7-8                      Chuckwalla Valley Raceway                         Desert Center, CA                             1 On 1
May 23-24                  MotorSport Ranch                                          Cresson, TX                                        STAR
May 25                        MotorSport Ranch                                          Cresson, TX                                        National Guard
June 6-7                     JenningsGP                                                   Jennings, FL                                        STAR
June 8                         JenningsGP                                                   Jennings, FL                                        National Guard
June 27-28                 Blackhawk Farms                                         South Beloit, IL                                    STAR
June 29                       Blackhawk Farms                                         South Beloit, IL                                    National Guard
July 11-12                   New Jersey Motorsports Park                    Millville, NJ                                            STAR
July 13                         New Jersey Motorsports Park                    Millville, NJ                                            National Guard
August 15-16             High Plains Raceway                                   Byers, CO                                             STAR
August 29-30             Heartland Park Topeka                                Topeka, KS                                          STAR
August 31                   Heartland Park Topeka                                Topeka, KS                                          National Guard
September 12-13     Oregon Raceway Park                                  Grass Valley, OR                                STAR
October 3-4                Thunderhill Raceway Park                           Willows, CA                                         STAR
October 5                   Thunderhill Raceway Park                            Willows, CA                                        National Guard
October 8-9                Chuckwalla Valley Raceway                        Desert Center, CA                             1 On 1
December 3-4           Chuckwalla Valley Raceway                        Desert Center, CA                             1 On 1
December 10-11       Chuckwalla Valley Raceway                       Desert Center, CA                              STAR

For the second year in a row, Jason and the STAR School will participate in SPEED TV’s Dream Ride, where five lucky winners get to experience two-up rides with Jason at Infineon Raceway, as well as a variety of other world-class drivers and high performance vehicles. To register for this five-day dream extravaganza, visit

As always, STAR School runs a two-group format, one for street riders and newcomers to the track who are most comfortable at a lower pace, the other for more advanced students and those with track experience who want to explore their limits with fewer restrictions. The STAR School curriculum will teach you skills in shifting, braking and steering techniques, body position, reference points, visual skills, concentration, smoothness as well as much more. Jason’s two-up rides are always part of the instruction!

The Skills and Techniques for Advanced Riding Motorcycle School was created to help you become a more proficient, more confident rider. STAR is sponsored by American Suzuki, Dunlop Tires, Two Brothers Racing, Dainese Leathers, AGV Helmets, Cycle Gear, Motorex, Motion Pro, Ancra and ProtectAll. For more information on the STAR Motorcycle School, visit or call 562-802-7061. Visit us on Facebook at

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