Teixeira Tech Wins Big at SCORE Baja 1000

December 9, 2010
Courtesy of Teixeira Tech

Teixeira Tech sponsored race team wins first place overall ATV at the 43rd Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000! Team riders include Brandon Brown, Jorie Williams, Kenny Sanford, Nick Nelson, Michael Kelley & Mike Bender. The team rode a Honda TRX 450R with Teixeira Tech DZ A-Arms, LT Linkage and +2 Steering Stem to out perform the open class ATV’s. The Baja 1000 was the second win of the year for the team, earning them the Class 24 Championship. This is the first time that Teixeira Tech has put an effort into the SCORE Series and is proud of the team and their results. Congratulations on a great race and series finish!

For more information on Teixeira Tech racing and products visit www.teixeiratech.com.

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