Victory Kingpin in MythBusters Bug vs Biker

December 1, 2010
Courtesy of Victory Motorcycles
Victory Motorcycle used on MythBusters
MythBusters used a 2011 Victory Kingpin equipped with a Motorvation Engineering Spyder sidecar for its Bug Special.

When the team at MythBusters needed a motorcycle and sidecar to test another myth, they called on Victory Motorcycles for the use of a 2011 Kingpin. The motorcycle was mated to a custom Motorvation Engineering Spyder sidecar creating a beautiful and powerful rig ideal for testing a brand new myth: that a bug strike could fatally injure a motorcyclist.

Without revealing any results, we can tell you that the rig came out of the test unscathed, and the MythBusters team had a great time riding the Victory at high speeds on a closed course. For a preview of tonight’s episode, follow the link below.

The “Bug Special” Episode of MythBusters premieres tonight at 9 p.m. (Eastern and Pacific time) on The Discovery Channel. Check your local listings for times specific to your area and for scheduled re-airing dates and times.

Click Here for  a Sneak Peek at MythBusters Bug Special 

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