Win SPS Custom in Arizona Scavenger Hunt

December 22, 2010
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle competitor  Valerie Thompson.
NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Valerie Thompson is one of the people spearheading “The BAD Economy Buster Bling Bike Hunt” to help ailing Arizona businesses. The winner of the scavenger hunt will win a custom Sucker Punch Sally’s motorcycle valued at $35,000.

Like most of the nation, Arizona’s economy is hurting. But a recent plea from a concerned Phoenix resident to Mayor Phil Gordon stating “… we are facing a crisis and need leaders to work together to find solutions” inspired four Arizona businesses to take action. As a result, two-time world land speed record holder and NHRA motorcycle drag racer Valerie Thompson, custom bike builders Sucker Punch Sally’s, biker clothing and accessories retailer Biker Babes & Beyond and Bikers Defense teamed up to create a statewide promotional event dubbed “The BAD Economy Buster Bling Bike Hunt.”

The four businesses are creating a statewide scavenger hunt for the keys to a $35,000 Sucker Punch Sally’s custom motorcycle. Clues to the whereabouts of the keys will be available weekly at different merchants across the state, businesses like restaurants, bars, retailers and tattoo parlors. People can go in to any of the locations to pick up a clue access ID which will allow them to view the weekly video clue by registering on the contest’s official website. In March, an important clue will be issued to media outlets promoting the event and participants will need all the clues if they have any hope of finding the keys to the bike. The scavenger hunt kicks off February 1st and the winner will be presented the custom bike when it is unveiled on-stage during Arizona Bike Week in April. Biker Babes & Beyond will also be hooking up the winner with a set of riding gear.

Specific details about the custom motorcycle have yet to be revealed, but Sucker Punch Sally’s CEO Christian Clayton had this to say in the event’s official press release. “We have fantastic plans for this bike. The general model I can talk about but the many extras will be revealed when the keys are actually found and all the details will be released. We are really excited to build this machine and participate in the event.” SPS has a reputation for building bold bobbers and hot rod-style scoots, so you can expect this bike to be wicked cool.

Sucker Punch Sallys
This is only Sucker Punch Sally’s base model, but you can imagine what they’re going to do when they give a bike the full-on custom treatment.

The public is encouraged to send in their photos and stories from the scavenger hunt to the coordinators who will in turn send them out to media outlets helping to promote the event. Valerie Thompson will be making appearances at select businesses willing to hold bike hunt parties.

The impetus behind the “The BAD Economy Buster Bling Bike Hunt” is to bring foot traffic into Arizona businesses. You don’t have to be a merchant who caters exclusively to the biker community to participate in the cross-marketing program. Selling opportunities began December 1st and if you’d like to get on board, you can find campaign partner information from Valerie Thompson Racing, Sucker Punch Sally’sBiker Babes & Beyond or Bikers Defense.

People love scavenger hunts. When the prize is a $35,000 custom motorcycle, the fun level increases ten-fold. The desire to help ailing Arizona businesses is admirable. Wish I didn’t live two states away or I’d be collecting clues and trying to solve the riddle to the keys.

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