Chicco Remote Control Ducati 1198 RC

January 14, 2011
Courtesy of Jenna Walsh
remote control Ducati 1198
The remote control 1198 features four wheels that make it hard to tip over and batteries that last for multiple days.

It’s every kid’s dream to own a Ducati and now you can make that dream a reality thanks to the folks from Chicco. This fun and easy to operate remote control motorcycle is good for hours of fun at the hands of any 2-5 year old who likes bikes. It’s hard to find a good remote control toy for toddlers, let alone a remote control motorcycle, but this one of them.

The Chicco remote control Ducati 1198 features a remote control that looks like the front end of a Ducati 1198 dash board complete with handlebars and a speedo. Of course the speedo is just a sticker but the bike controls work by turning the handlebars from side-to-side like the controls of an actual motorcycle and pushing the easy to find buttons to move it forward or reverse. It is a bit of a challenge for toddlers initially but the 3-to-5 year olds will get the hang of it quick and before you know it, they’ll spend hours chasing the little Ducati around the house in a delirious state of laughter. My 3-year old uses it to antagonize his big sisters as well as driving his mom crazy by incessantly honking the horn.
The plastic construction features only a few moving parts and as a result it seems to be darn near indestructible. Four small wheels including two outriggers on the side for stability, are responsible for moving and steering the motorcycle. This makes it hard to tip over, but it is still subject to high-sides when you get it moving too fast and attempt sharp turns on grippy floors. For the most part though, the little RC is real simple and easy to control but the best part is that it’s fun. The batteries last a couple days of non-stop play so make sure to keep an extra half-dozen AA in the junk drawer because your kid will not be happy when the most entertaining toy they have, stops working.
In order to change the batteries you have to unscrew the covers to make the swap. It’s not a big deal the first few times but if you misplace your Phillips screwdriver or change the batteries for the third time in a week, it can get a little redundant. There is a handy on-off switch on both the RC motorcycle and the controller so as long as the adult pays attention and turns the toy off, the batteries last a little longer.
Overall the research shows this remote control motorcycle is a good toddler toy. It received high ratings on Wal-Mart and Toy R Us websites as Chicco continues its longstanding relationship with Ducati by offering yet another fun toy for the newest motorcycle enthusiast in the family.

remote control Ducati 1198
The remote itself looks like the dash board of a 1198 and the controls work by turning the handlebars from side to side. 

Motion-activated remote control
Realistic looking bike and rider
Horn and Engine sounds
Ducati 1198 logos
6 AA Batteries
MSRP: $34.99
Entertaining for kids
Durable design
Looks really cool
Challenging for some kids
Requires you unscrew the covers to replace batteries
Batteries only last a couple days

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