Factory Beta Riders Return to World Enduro

January 18, 2011
Courtesy of American Beta
Cody Webb Beta
Cody Webb is heading to Europe for round two of the Indoor Enduro World Championship where he will once again race a Factory Beta 350 RR.

Factory Beta rider Cody Webb will return to Europe this month where he will race the second round of the Indoor Enduro World Championship (IEWC). Webb raced the first round of the IEWC in Genoa, Italy in November 2010, and will continue his bid in the FIM series at round two, to be held in Barcelona, Spain on February 6. Webb will also be contesting the Hell’s Gate Extreme Enduro during his stay which takes place in Il Ciocco, Italy on February 12.

“I’m really excited to return to Italy,” Webb commented. “I will be riding and training with the Beta Factory Enduro riders for a few weeks, too. The Europeans definitely have a different style of riding than we do here. I’m looking forward to soaking up all the information I can while I’m there.”

Webb hopes to follow up his IEWC round one performance with an even better one in Barcelona. “I just really want to pick up my intensity for all three main events,” Webb said. “In my training at home I’ve been stepping up the intensity, doing motos and keeping the heart rate up. I hope I’ve trained enough to be ready; I want to finish in the top-five.”

Joining Webb at the Hell’s Gate Extreme Enduro the following weekend will be fellow American racer, Kyle Redmond. The 22-year-old will be racing a Beta 400 RR in the Italian extreme enduro event which will take place in the mountains of Tuscany, near the Beta factory headquarters in Florence, Italy.

“I’ve never done this race and I’m pretty excited to go to Italy and race on an Italian machine,” Redmond said. “The Beta bikes are really impressive and I can’t wait to tackle Hell’s Gate on one.”

An experienced hard enduro competitor, Redmond has been top-American at several world-class events such as the Erzberg Rodeo and Red Bull Romaniacs, and he hopes to add another extreme enduro finish to his already impressive resume.

Webb and Redmond have been training together in the cold and icy conditions near Redmond’s home in Lake Hughes, California, which will hopefully prepare them for the treacherous conditions awaiting them at Hell’s Gate in Il Ciocco, Italy.

“They usually hope for bad weather just to make it harder,” Webb commented with a laugh. “I’m looking forward to riding with Kyle. Hopefully with his experience and my trials background, both of us will get a good finish there. I want both of us to show that Americans can compete in this realm of extreme enduro.”

Find out more about Beta Factory racers Cody Webb and Chris Bach on our Beta Racing page. American Beta is the United States distributor of Beta Motorcycles which is based in Florence, Italy. For more information on Beta’s line of Enduro and Dual Sport bikes, as well as the championship-winning line of EVO Trials bikes, please visit www.AmericanBeta.com.