Fly Racing Evolution Gear Review

JC Hilderbrand | January 25, 2011
The big SX-F has the smoothest curve of any machine as it transfers from the bottom to the meat of its powerband.
The 2011 Evolution motocross gear is the best we’ve tested from Fly Racing.

Fly Racing offers the Evolution line of motocross gear to bring top-shelf racing apparel to the masses. We used the Fly arrangement through multiple tests to see how well it performs and are happy to report that it continues to impress. Top materials, construction and sharp looks have kept us reaching for the new Evolution gear through the 2011 bike testing season. 

Fly Racing Evolution Jersey
My arms pump up like crazy so I’m extra picky about sleeves and cuffs. I don’t like to feel constricted in any way and the Evolution jersey fits perfectly in this regard. Actually, the size Large fit perfectly all around, but the “Zero-Cuff” was my favorite feature. The loose-fitting opening never squeezes the forearm and allows plenty of air to move up the sleeve. The Lycra stretch collar is also unobtrusive but fits tighter than the sleeves to keep roost from dropping down the rider’s neck. Mesh panels are integrated to keep riders cool during hot days or long motos. I never had problems with the tail coming untucked with a large silicone print to keep it in place. The design is slightly busy, but we like the look and durability of the sublimated graphics.

Fly Racing Evolution Pants
These are some of the most advanced motocross pants I’ve worn. Fly has found a great balance of allowing room for knee braces without being baggy. The 840D construction is very tough and has survived many washes and a few small crashes. Both knees feature heat panels made from soft, pliable leather. The knee is vented with rubber air scoops located on the outer edge. Venting is definitely one of the pants’ strong points with perforation on the entire front of the pant from the waist to the shin. It flows a lot of air and a very cool “stealth” vent on each leg adds extra cooling. The stealth vent is a nondescript zippered vent which is unnoticeable when riding and helps considerably when the temps go up. This is one of my favorite features.

Fly Evolution Pant
Fly Evolution Glove
Fly Evolution Jersey
The glove has an uncomfortable seam across
the knuckles, but otherwise the gear fit and
performed perfectly.

Another highlight are the dual Velcro waist adjusters which keep the pants from sliding down during acceleration and also helps the jersey stay tucked in place. The seat is full-floating with stretch panels surrounding it to allow the movement for any position. Badging on the thighs is lightweight with integrated ventilation and does not restrict the rider’s legs. The lower leg has a new feature this year to allow easy use of Asterisk knee brace boot tethers. Three-level eyelets allow the straps to pass through the pant for easy installation. 

Fly Racing Evolution Gloves
I was really excited about the padding on the double layer Clarino glove palm. The extra layers in the thumb area do not have stitches or overlaps that rub and the glove fits snugly. As expected the palm is great, but the top of the fingers causes some problems. The stitching that connects the top of the fingers to the back of the hand lands just under my top knuckle when wrapped around a hand grip. Even after several rides the stitching never softened up or conformed to fit my hand better. This was the only negative aspect of the entire gear set, but it was bad enough that I had to quit wearing the gloves.

As Fly’s top-shelf line, this is premium gear and it feels like it. Not only does it perform extremely well, but I got multiple compliments at the track on its styling. Our set is the blue/white colorway and I’ve been particularly impressed with its ability to resist staining. The Evolution gear is also available in black, red and purple as well. In years past I’ve had great success with Fly’s premier dirt bike gear and the latest incarnation is even better with the exception of the glove issue, so be sure to try them on before purchasing – my knuckles might be bonier than some. Fly’s association with top racers like Andrew Short has obviously paid off with apparel that can perform at the highest level.

The Fly Racing Evolution GlovesFly Racing Evolution Jersey and Fly Racing Evolution Pants are available at Motorcycle Superstore.

Fly Racing Evolution Gloves – $34.95 
Fly Racing Evolution Jersey – $45.95 
Fly Racing Evolution Pants – $159.95


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