Icon Super Duty 4 Boot Review

Bryan Harley | January 6, 2011
Icon Super Duty 4 Boots
The Icon Super Duty 4 boots are made of durable leather and are stitched together solidly. A mid-ankle strap buckles down to keep the laces out of chains or belts and the soles provide solid grip.

Icon has a knack for making slick-looking footwear that is durable when riding but comfortable when you’re off the bike. This is especially beneficial to the cruiser set who ride to rallies then spend all-day stomping around. Saddlebag space is a precious commodity so most riders don’t want to lug an extra pair of shoes with them to change into. Full-length boots often rub your feet raw after a day of tromping around at a rally. The Icon Super Duty 4 Boots offer a remedy to this situation. 
The four in the Super Duty name signifies it’s the fourth generation of this boot, which means Icon has continued to evolve and improve this style of footwear. The Super Duty 4 are leather, three-quarter boots that come up just over the ankle. One of the benefits of a three-quarter cut is they don’t take up a lot of space in your gear bag. They lace up the front but come with a strap about mid-foot that buckles down over the laces to help keep them out of chains or belts. The first time I cinched the buckle down, it felt a little tight on the bridge of my foot. Likewise, in general they were a bit stiff to start out, but that’s de rigueur for a set of boots. There’s generally going to be a break-in period, but after a few rides and since wearing them at the David Mann Chopper Fest all day, the boots are becoming more pliable and formed to the shape of my foot. The inside fit was comfortable from the get-go thanks to thick inner padding around the ankles.
They’re not steel-toed, but feel like they are. Besides a stiff toe, Icon also inserted small, round reinforcements at the ankles. Little nubs are creatively placed right at the contact points with the shift lever. Cool concept, but they are wearing thin quickly. The rubber soles are slip-resistant and provide solid traction when trying to push a bike back out of a parking space. The heel hitches on to the footpegs well thanks to the notch between it and the contour of the sole. There aren’t any ventilation holes, but on colder rides, air can creep in through the tongue of the boots.

Laced-up, the boots take a little effort to slip into. There’s a small leather tab at the heel to help pull them on, but it’s so small that it’s difficult to grip and pull with any amount of real force. So far the stitching has held up well with no loose seams anywhere.

One of the best parts of the Icon Super Duty 4 Boots is the ability to wear them all day without having your feet feeling dogged afterward. They’re comfortable for walking as well as riding. The styling makes them versatile, too. They look great whether you’re riding or taking your lady out for a night on the town. You can’t find too many boots that are as multipurpose and durable as these for only $120.

The Icon Super Duty 4 Boots are available at Motorcycle Superstore.
Black, Brown or Wheat (tan)   Sizes 7-14.
MSRP: $120


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