IMBBA to Hold World Cup of Bike Building

January 5, 2011
Courtesy of the International Master Bike Builders Association
IMMBA Cananda Builders
Here’s a peek at Canada’s “Defending Title Builders” who are ready to take on the world in the IMBBA’s World Cup Competition.

IMBBA’s Canadian representative, Master Bike Builder, Bob McKay announced that Canada’s builders are accepting the challenge to compete and represent their country. For the first time in motorcycle history, each country participating in the event will qualify who they want to represent their nation, choosing the best to compete in this worldwide event. So far, Canada, United States, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Ireland, UAE, Brazil, and Turkey have qualified to participate. Canada holds the point’s board and so the world must come to their doorstep to compete. Each country can have up to six builders representing their country. After judging takes place in 2012, whichever country wins, “IMBBA will stage the next World Cup Competition in the winning country in 2014,” said IMBBA president, Jeff Starke.

The event is scheduled for April 21-22, 2012, and will take place during the 12th annual Classic Bike and Tattoo Show in Laval, Quebec outside Montreal. At the time of this publication, competitors have just 475 days to build their best work. IMBBA will use a certified IMBBA judge, one from each country, to judge these bikes on the IMBBA points system. This system is rapidly gaining popularity among builders and has been since IMBBA began over five years ago.

Bikes built in secrecy
Builders wanting to compete must go through their country representative to be qualified to participate. In addition, they must agree to build a never before seen motorcycle of any style. It cannot be shown, photographed or seen in public, prior to the event in April 2012. So spectators, press, and magazines will have a rare opportunity to see the best of each country’s work for the first time ever at the same time.

IMBBA has been teased by these builders as they flash glimpses of their projects for the World Cup Competition in jest. One such photo was sent by François of the Rat Shop as he held up a bent tube that looked destined to be an exhaust. Meanwhile, the IMBBA visited another builder from the USA, Steve Galvin, who was warned about revealing photography taken in his shop of his project in progress. The builders are serious about keeping their build a secret until they unveil it in April 2012. Press from around the world will be invited, all expenses paid by IMBBA and their sponsors. In doing this, the builders will have a rare opportunity to be photographed globally when the press return home with never before seen images of the bikes shown at the IMBBA World Cup Competition event.

$30,000 in Cash and Prizes
Will be awarded to participants. Many sponsors have already come forward donating parts and prizes. Among the sponsors are: Rolling Thunder, S&S Cycle, Accel Motorcycle products, Maximum Motorcycle, Denver’s Choppers, Wimmer Machine, Belt Drive Betty, Chopper Institute of America, B’Cool Products, and a special custom built McGrath billet aluminum electric guitar engraved with World Cup Competition and IMBBA’s Logo on it valued over $3,000 by Blair McGrath himself.

Bike Builders still have time to participate with over one year yet to go. To participate, contact your country representative and make application. If you are not certain who your representative is, contact Jeff Starke, IMBBA, International

This is going to be a historical event. Builders serious about their abilities will be building their best work for this competition. Spectators get your cameras ready. Track the progress of this event on  or visit IMBBA’s country representative sites, also located on the website.