Jacobsen Leads DSB at Daytona Dunlop Test

January 18, 2011
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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PJ Jacobsen on the Celtic Racing Ducati  tuned by Eraldo Ferracci  took the top time in the Daytona SportBike testing session.
PJ Jacobsen on the Celtic Racing Ducati (tuned by Eraldo Ferracci) took the top time in the Daytona SportBike testing at the pre-season Dunlop Tire Test.

Prepping for the famed Daytona 200, PJ Jacobsen topped the Daytona SportBike timesheets in Dunlop Tire testing at Daytona. The Celtic Racing rider nabbed the 1:51.8 time on the longer DIS road course, the former SuperSport rider utilizing his new Ducati 848 machinery, which is tuned by a familiar name in the AMA paddock, Eraldo Ferracci.

“We were pretty happy with how everything went today,” said Jacobsen in official AMA PR. “I think the track feels smooth as glass, and of course we’re really happy being on top. [Eraldo] Ferracci is great; he’s been around for a really long time and really, really knows his stuff, so I’m happy to be riding for him and Barry [Gilsenan]. I also really like the Ducati 848 EVO. It has a lot of torque and it’s a good machine, nice and fast, smooth. I’m real happy with the bike.”

Following Jacobsen was Jake Zemke, aboard the Project 1 Atlanta R6, the former Jordan Suzuki rider appearing to campaign the entire season for the Yamaha DSB squad. Yet another name returning to the AMA fold, Jason DiSalvo was third-fastest on the day making his Team Latus Ducati debut.

Following the top three was former champ Danny Eslick on the Suzuki, followed by fellow Gixxer riders Cory West and Santiago Villa. Former SuperSport rider JD Beach made his DSB debut as the sole Kawasaki rider in the class and seventh fastest. Beach placed one position ahead of last year’s DSB standout, Dane Westby, who will campaign 2011 aboard the M4 Suzuki.

JD Beach tests the Kawasaki ZX-6R in preparation for the Daytona 200.
JD Beach was the sole Kawasaki rider gracing the Daytona test in the Daytona SportBike class.

Daytona SportBike Dunlop Tire Test Results:
1. P. J. Jacobsen (Ducati) 01:51.8
2. Jake Zemke (Yamaha) 01:52.0
3. Jason DiSalvo (Ducati) 01:52.2
4. Danny Eslick (Suzuki) 01:52.4
5. Cory West (Suzuki) 01:54.0
6. Santiago Villa (Suzuki) 01:54.0
7. J. D. Beach (Kawasaki) 01:54.0
8. Dane Westby (Suzuki) 01:54.2
9. Paul Allison (Yamaha) 01:54.2
10. Taylor Knapp (Suzuki) 01:55.1
11. Tommy Aquino (Yamaha) 01:55.1
12. Pat Mooney (Buell) 01:56.5
13. Reese Wacker (Suzuki) 01:59.1
14. Mark McCormick (Yamaha) 02:00.4
15. David McPherson (Yamaha) 02:02.8

Owing to the hectic schedule, courtesy of Monday’s rain cancellation, the SuperSport riders took to the track alongside their fellow 600s – the Daytona SportBikes. Yamaha’s Eric Stump was fastest among the up and comers, followed by Ducati’s Emerson Connor and Yamaha’s Stefano Mesa.

SuperSport Dunlop Tire Test Results:
1. Eric Stump (Yamaha) 01:55.8
2. Emerson Connor (Ducati) 01:56.0
3. Stefano Mesa (Yamaha) 01:56.3
4. Miles Thornton (Yamaha) 01:56.4
5. James Rispoli (Suzuki) 01:56.9
6. Jake Mormon (Yamaha) 01:56.9
7. Elena Myers (Suzuki) 01:57.2

In the XR1200 class the wily old vet and sometimes SpeedTV correspondent Michael Barnes top the charts. Following Barnes were Chris Fillmore, Ricky Parker and Michael Corbino. A notable entry at the Daytona Test, recently retired Flat Track great Joe Kopp was fifth-fastest in the test.

XR1200 Dunlop Tire Test Results:
1. Michael Barnes (Harley-Davidson) 02:09.6
2. Chris Fillmore (Harley-Davidson) 02:10.3
3. Ricky Parker (Harley-Davidson) 02:11.2
4. Michael Corbino (Harley-Davidson) 02:11.4
5. Joe Kopp (Harley-Davidson) 02:11.6
6. Chase McFarland (Harley-Davidson) 02:15.0
7. Paul Schwemmer (Harley-Davidson) 02:15.7
8. Matthew Heidel (Harley-Davidson) 02:17.0
9. Kyle Wyman (Harley-Davidson) 02:19.2

The opening round of the 2011 AMA Pro Racing will take place at Daytona on March 10-12.

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