Justin Barcia AMA Supercross Interview

January 5, 2011
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Barcia will be piloting the all-new 2010 Honda CRF250R in the East Coast Supercross Lites class.
Barcia will be piloting the 2011 Honda CRF250R with the Geico/Factory Connection team.

Dirt bike motorcycle racer, Justin Barcia is entering his second season of professional competition in the AMA Supercross series. After having a very successful rookie year in which he finished second in the East Coast Lites Championship aboard a Geico/Factory Connection-backed Honda CRF250R, Barcia thinks he has what it takes to win the championship this year. We recently chatted with him prior to the start of the season this weekend in Anaheim, California.
So far what’s been happening is a lot of testing before Supercross. I’m riding a lot and just testing that’s the main thing right now. We’re still doing our training but testing is what our team has us doing. We’re out there at the test track from 7 a.m. until dark just testing all the new stuff. And we do that three times a week. I’ve been going from Georgia to California non-stop lately, training in Georgia and testing gin California. That’s our life though all the time. Between Supercross and the outdoor series we don’t get too big of a break. We’re constantly riding and training it’s a full commitment. We’re a crazy bunch of racers but it’s in our blood. You can’t really take a break because you have to train and be ready. If you take a break you know the other guy is working harder.

You know tire testing is pretty quick. You kind of know when you get out on track and do two laps that the tire is either good or not good. We don’t even do a lot of tire testing. That’s like Dunlop they have their own guys that do it at their facility in Alabama. But when we do it’s cool to see the new stuff.
That went very well. It was pretty awesome actually I went 1-5-1 and I got the King of Bercy title so that was really cool. It was a really cool experience as a young rider to learn a lot of things—it was a totally different culture, so it was pretty crazy. It’s a smaller stadium compared to the U.S. but it’s packed every night the fans are so wild they have so many noise makers and all other kinds of crazy stuff. It was definitely a very exciting thing to see and ride in. You could hear the fans all the time, it was so loud. The track layout was really tight and rutty so it was a little sketchy but I had a good time. I felt like I adapted to it really well so that was cool for me.

Barcia is trading his patented No. 151 for No. 17 for the 10 Supercross season.
Justin Barcia makes his professional Supercross debut in Indianapolis.
Justin Barcia claims he’s been breathing, eating, and sleeping Supercross in preparation for the start of the year.

I also did Genoa right before Bercy. I was doing really good there it was me Kevin [Windham] and Jeremy McGrath. Kevin was getting me every time and I was trying to get him back. Then finally in the last race I got the holeshot and I had a nice lead and I came over a jump and lost the front end and ended up crashing pretty hard. So Kevin ended up getting me there. Pretty much every race he runs really well. That was a cool race too. It was a lot smaller then Bercy.

Last year we got second in the championship (East Coast Lites). I got two wins and a few podiums my goal is always to win but we’re just working really hard right now testing and training that’s the main thing. I feel so much more comfortable this year. Learning Supercross is a really gnarly thing to do because it’s a whole different thing. When you’re an amateur you race outdoors. Supercross is the thing to learn the first year you definitely have some gnarly crashes and I definitely did practicing and racing there are some bad crashes. The second year you’re always a little smoother and a little calmer.
I believe east coast but maybe west coast who knows what’s going to happen right now. It’s all up on the air before the first round. It depends on who stays healthy and how things go.
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