Shift Racing Mens 2011 Street Collection

January 20, 2011
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Shift Avenger jacket
Shift Fuse jacket.
Shift Triton jacket.
(Above) The Shift Avernger jacket comes in a variety of different colors  to match any model bike you ride. (Center) The Shift Fuse jacket features a mixed leather and textile construction. (Below) The Shift Triton jacket is one of the most affordable waterproof jackets on the market.

Motorcycle safety and apparel brand Shift has introduced new street and sportbike riding gear for the 2011 motorcycling season. This reasonably priced gear is targeted toward riders seeking gear with a more edgy look.
At a retail price of $199.95, the Shift Racing Avenger Jacket is an excellent value. This textile jacket is constructed from a durable polyester fabric and has removable impact protection in the shoulder and elbow areas. The outer polyester construction ensures a good amount of airflow inside the jacket which will be welcome on warm days. There are also air intake ports atop the shoulders. Furthermore there is a removable inner liner for use in cooler weather. Accordion-style stretch paneling is used in flex areas so the jacket articulates with the natural movement of your body when you’re riding. There are also waist and wrist closures for a more tailored fit. The jacket comes in a variety of standard and more attention grabbing colorways. All colors are available in sizes medium through double XL while the Black Pinstripe colorway is available in sizes small through double XL.

The $279.95 Shift Racing Fuse Hybrid Jacket combines both leather and polyester materials in its outer construction. This hybrid design offers the protection and abrasion resistance of leather in the shoulders, elbows and back areas and the ventilation of a textile material throughout the chest and arm sections. Further protection comes in the form of removable shoulder and elbow armor. This jacket also features a large back pocket so you can fit a back protector. Similar to the Avenger jacket stretch paneling is used in joint areas so the jacket better contours to the rider’s body and the inner liner is removable. There are also waist and a Velcro sleeve cuff which ensure a better fit. This jacket comes only in Black in sizes medium through double XL.

For those that routinely ride in wet weather Shift offers its Shift Racing Triton Storm Series Jacket. With a retail price of $199.95, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable wet weather riding jacket. The jacket’s exterior is made from polyester similar to the Avenger coat. Protection wise the jacket features removable armor in the elbow and shoulder areas and it can accept a back protector. Inside the jacket a full-sleeve thermal liner adds warmth. A waterproof mid-liner keeps water out and the zippered front and back exhaust vents are waterproof as well. In addition to the waist and Velcro wrist closures there are forearm and bicep adjusters for a more comfortable fit. The Triton jacket is available only in black in sizes small through double XL.

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