Shift Racing Womens 2011 Street Collection

January 20, 2011
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Shift womens Envy Jacket.
Shift womens Flare jacket.
Shift womens Tempest jacket.
Shift womens Curve shoes.
(Top) The Shift Envy jacket offers premium features for a reasonable price. (Center Top) The Shift Flare jacket is another affordable women’s jacket. (Center Bottom) The Shift Tempest is designed for riding in wet weather. (Bottom) The Shift Curve shoe offers a casual design with added motorcycle-specific protection.

Motorcycle safety and apparel brand Shift has introduced new women’s street and sportbike riding gear for the 2011 motorcycling season. This reasonably priced gear is targeted toward female riders seeking gear with a more edgy look.
The Shift Racing Women’s Envy Jacket retails for $179.95 and is designed specifically for the contours of a women’s body. The exterior is comprised of a breathable and water resistant polyester material which ensures the jacket is light and comfortable without sacrificing abrasion protection. Stretch paneling in flex areas allow the jacket to fit better without restricting movement while riding. Additionally there are expansion zippers at the hip and Velcro cuffs to better customize the fit. Zippered air intake vents plus a rear exhaust opening keep the rider cool and comfortable on warm days. Furthermore the inner liner can also be removed. The jacket comes standard with ergonomically correct shoulder and elbow pads which can be removed if desired. Similar to the men’s jackets, a large pocket can accept a back protector for added protection. The jacket comes in three colorways: Black, Black/Gray, White, Plaid and all feature reflective piping so the rider is more visible when riding at night. It comes in sizes extra small through double XL.
Women looking for a slightly more affordable riding jacket can opt for the $149.95 Shift Racing Women’s Flare Jacket. The outer construction is similar to the rest of Shift’s textile jackets providing adequate abrasion resistance and excellent ventilation and comfort. Stretch paneling and elastic around the neck, wrists and bottom portion of the jacket ensure a good fit. Removable shoulder and elbow armor provides some added protection in case of a tip over and it is also accepts a back protector. The jacket also has auto-locking zippers and multiple pockets. It is available in four color options: Black, Black/White, White/Light Pink, Plaid in sizes extra small through extra large.

The Shift Racing Women’s Tempest Storm Series Jacket has been specifically engineered for use in wet weather. Carrying a retail price of $199.95, female riders will be hard pressed to find a more affordable waterproof riding jacket. The outer shell is comprised of a polyester twill-type fabric and has waterproof zippered vents on the main body for optimum cooling. A waterproof mid-liner keeps you dry while a full sleeve thermal liner keeps your warm and can be removed as well. There is also number of waterproof pockets. Removable body armor in the form of shoulder and elbow pads adds safety. Similar to the Envy jacket there are expansion zippers at the hips and Velcro cuffs for proper fit. This jacket is only available in Black in sizes extra small through extra large.

In terms of footwear the $119.95 Shift Racing Women’s Curve Street Shoes offer ladies a casual looking shoe that also has some motorcycle-specific safety features. The exterior of the shoe is a hybrid mix of genuine and synthetic leather and the toe box area is reinforced with rubber for added durability against the gear shift lever. Inside there is plastic material around the ankle and a reinforced heel which provides protection in the event of a crash. Additionally the midsole region is reinforced so footpegs won’t wear it out as fast. The sole also features a non-slip coating for added traction. The shoe is secured with a conventional lace and a Velcro strap. Reflective material on the heel aids rider visibility when riding at night. The shoe is available in Black or White in sizes five through 10.
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