WERA Fontana Speedway Race – Fan Report

January 18, 2011
By Paul Eckelman

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Wera Fontana raceway Race 2
Racer and master mechanic Neil Foreman takes the RacingRoyalty.com  Suzuki SV 650 around Fontana Raceway.

WERA, the breeding ground for AMA Racing and beyond. This was my first WERA race and besides the lack of a vendor row it was a really nice experience. I would encourage you all to go to a motorcycle race. One of the best parts is that you get to be more of a part of the event than let’s say a football game.

It is great to meet and talk with the racers and pit crews. But I must say the busier they looked, the smarter my questions should haven been. My legs were so sore from running from the starting grid to the closest turn, I could barely walk the next day. Those cool little pit bike scooters look really nice.

I want to do a shout out to Evelyn and Shawn for making our WERA visit extra enjoyable. The CMA served some delicious muffins and cookies they are a great group of folks. Pirelli and Bridgestone represented the tire guys, if I can say their names in the same sentence? As for the day’s racing, it was exciting and the weather a little bit on the cool side.

There was one race right after the other, and it happens fast. Maybe that is why an actual podium/winner circle is not set up because it would take a whole other crew to handle that part. Soon there are going to be more vendors at the races, and of course the pit lane girls – you won’t want to miss them. Just like most great things a little bit of media and promotion will bring the fans out.

Wera Fontana raceway Race
Foreman getting off the line.

And now a word from the racer I help sponsor, Neil Foreman. It’s funny, because when I asked everyone where Neil might be they all told me to slap him upside his head, so you know this guy is special. He started pole position every race. But I’ll let him tell the story…

“A very chilly race day. In the lightweight Twins Superstock race I led from start to finish with a convincing lead. However things were set to take a turn for the worse with a lowside crash on the warm up lap in Race 2 (cold tires) . Without injury i was able to get the bike repaired in time for Race 3 and took third. Not my best performance…. but that’s racing!”

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