2011 San Diego Supercross Fan Report

February 25, 2011
Report by Cesar Jr.

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Fans braved cold weather and rain in San Diego to witness Round 7 of the AMA Supercross Championship.
It was another rainey San Diego Supercross.

The day after my father and I went to Anaheim 2, we both just kept talking about how intense racing has been
this SX season. After the Houston race, my father told me that we had to go to San Diego. Four days before the race
we bought three tickets, one for my sis Keila, one for my dad Cesar, and one for me, Cesar Jr.

After we bought the tickets I was hoping that Trey Canard or Kevin Windham would podium that night. Of course, Trey and Kevin are my all-time favorite riders. Come race day, the results weren’t as I had hoped. Trey placed fourth after washing out two times and Kevin recorded a DNF. But hey, it’s Supercross racing, it is what it is. That’s part of the sport and a big reason why I love it. It’s you, machine, and rhythm sections. Make sure your machine doesn’t miss a beat.

The part I love most about going to the races is attending the pit party. It’s the best. You get to meet the riders, talk to them, and get their autographs. It was my sister’s first time ever going to the races and she loved it! She met Trey and really liked him since we’re a Christian family and so is he. The rain? It’s special. It brings mud which makes for smiles and fun, but for racers it’s a challenge.

After the race ended, I was happy for Reed on his win but bummed about Trey’s fourth place finish and K-Dubs DNF. But some Jack in the Box during our two hour drive back to the valley topped off a perfect night.

2011 Supercross San Diego Photos


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