2011 World Extreme Enduro Hell’s Gate Results

February 14, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Graham Jarvis
Graham Jarvis earned his first victory at Hell’s Gate after dominating the field with a 25-minute lead.

Husaberg’s Graham Jarvis took ultimate honors in the 2011 running of the Hell’s Gate competition in Italy. The Brit managed to successfully defeat 2010 victor, Dougie Lampkin, by a full 25 minutes after event organizers prematurely ended the competition due to Jarvis’ extreme lead.
The day began on a high note for Jarvis as he went on to win three of the four special tests during the qualifying enduro. However, the afternoon’s main race proved much more difficult and consisted of six laps with each lap taking more than an hour to complete. After Jarvis failed getting his bike started at the beginning of the race, Husaberg’s Xavier Galindo managed the holeshot. The head start had little effect on the end results, however, as Jarvis quickly swooped into first with a three-minute lead by the first checkpoint.
“At the start of the main race I completely fluffed it and ended up fifth to the first corner,” said Jarvis. “It gave me a bit of fight though and I had to work hard to get in front on the first lap, which used a fair bit of energy. I tried hard to settle into a rhythm then and ride my own race. On the third lap they told me they were going to cut it short by a lap, so I went flat out. I felt good at that point, I had some energy still and I really wanted to make sure of the winning result after last year. I was really nervous at that point so I went for it and it worked for me. It feels great to win after the disappointment of last year.”

Xavier Galindo
Husaberg’s Xavier Galindo (#4) had the holeshot but was quickly replaced by Jarvis. 

At one point organizers began removing participants who had fallen more than a half hour behind. At Hell’s Peak fans gathered to hoist Jarvis and his machine over a difficult climb, and he went on to snag his first ever win at Hell’s Gate. The only other rider to successfully complete the 2011 edition of Hell’s Gate along with Jarvis was Gas Gas’ Lampkin – making it the second year in a row that only the two Englishmen have conquered the extreme enduro test.
“I had no answer to Graham today, he has ridden a really strong race so I am quite happy to have finished second after what has been an incredibly tough event,” said Lampkin. “When I crashed on the first lap in the afternoon I really thought my day was over, and although I lost a lot of time there, I was really lucky not to have injured myself or to have broken the bike. When you realize that we have done nearly 10 hours riding today, perhaps people will understand why only two of us have made it to the finish and how stubborn us older trials riders actually are.”
Taking third place following the elimination race was Galindo. After achieving the holeshot the Spaniard slipped back and on the final lap Galindo was removed from the competition after dropping behind more than half an hour.

Graham Jarvis
In the end fans were helping to pull Jarvis up a steep hillside just before he claimed the win.

2011 Hell’s Gate Results:
1. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg)
2. Dougie Lampkin (Gas Gas)

2011 Hell’s Gate Elimination Race Results:
1. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg)
2. Dougie Lampkin (Gas Gas)
3. Xavier Galindo (Husaberg)
4. Alessandro Botturi (Gas Gas)
5. Maurizio Gerini (Husqvarna)
6. Andreas Lettenbichler (Husqvarna)
7. Diego Nocoletti (Beta)
8. Jonathan Walker (KTM)
9. Michael Vukcevic (Sherco)
10. Kyle Redmond (Beta)