Alpinestars Summer Tech Underwear Review

February 24, 2011
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Alpinestars Summer Tech Long Sleeve Top

When you’re blasting around the road at break-neck speeds you can’t afford to divert concentration for comfort. Alpinestars helps with its Alpinestars Summer Tech Long Sleeve Top and matching Alpinestars Summer Tech Long Bottoms. This high-performance underwear is designed to minimize discomfort while riding.
Both the pant and shirt are designed to be worn as a base layer underneath your leathers or riding gear. It’s made from a hypoallergenic synthetic material that is lighter than cotton and designed to efficiently wick away perspiration.

The material is soft to the touch and feels like fine cotton infused with the body hugging support of Lycra. The fit of both the pant and jacket is snug and if you have a thin or slender build both the top and bottom is true-to-size. However those endowed with an average or larger body type it’s recommended you go up one size larger than normal. There is also a male opening so you don’t need to whip off the pants each time you need to hit the bathroom.

Alpinestars Summer Tech Long Bottoms

Alpinestars claims that the tight fit helps provide additional support as well as preventing muscle fatigue. While we’d agree with the first claim the second one is hard to confirm considering that our bodies are always sore after a full-day in the seat of a sportbike at the racetrack.

Even still, we really like the underwear as it makes getting your leathers on and off much easier and reduces the uncomfortable effects of excessive perspiration even on a sweltering afternoon. After a few washes it has held together well and shows no sign of wear or fringing seams. In spite of its lofty $160 combined price (it is made in Italy) we’d still recommend this as an effective base layer if you routinely ride in warmer climates. Pick up a pair of Alpinestars Road Racing Summer Socks for the complete riding set-up.

The Alpinestars Summer Tech Long Sleeve Top and Alpinestars Summer Tech Long Bottoms are available at Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $99.95 (top), $59.95 (bottom).
Avaliable Sizes: XS-XXL